Lifelong friendships

Lifelong friendships and relationships are formed at Birmingham. Some of our alumni share the secrets of their success to maintaining these long after graduation day.

Kwok-Hing-WooKwok Hing Woo (LLB Law, 1968) Former Commissioner on Interception of Communication and Surveillance "The long-lasting effect of my time at Birmingham is my friendship with two folks at Manor House who also came from Hong Kong. We still see each other quite often nowadays, 44 years after my graduation."

Trish-Roscoe-3Trish Roscoe (BA English, 1973) Retired Social Work Manager. Trish (centre) and her friends celebrating the 40th anniversary reunion, summer 2013  "The friends I made in week one of university are still dear friends today. We meet regularly and revel in our different lives and shared memories."

Many students fall in love at Birmingham and continue their relationships long after last orders at Joe's. Clare and Robert met at Birmingham and moved back to their separate home towns following graduation. Their long-distance relationship survived and they are now engaged.

Rob-and-ClareClare Fowles (BDS Dentistry, 2010) "It's important to each have a circle of friends and to make time for them too so as to get support and not go insane when you're missing each other."

Robert Kerley (MSci Geology, 2010) Teacher "It is a balance of making time for each other while allowing space for both of you to develop a profession. It is hard at the start, but agreeing that you will see each other at least once a month helps and now we are stronger than ever."

Did you know?

There are 2,750 graduates married to a fellow Birmingham alum.

Laura-and-SimonLaura Fairbanks (BA English and Drama, 2008) Deputy Head of Regular Giving, University of Birmingham "After we graduated, Simon and I lived apart for a year and worked in different cities. It was a tough year but we saw each other every weekend. Eventually, we decided to settle in Birmingham and live together in a shared house. It was good to move in with other people first, as it took the pressure of living together. It also gave us time to get used to each other before committing to a contract on our own. Seven years after meeting at University, we are now married and have bought our first house together."