The Traveller

Your adventure begins today. Where will your life after university take you?

Did you know?

4% of graduates take time out in the first six months after graduation to travel.

Ruth SheavesRuth Sheaves (BSc Geography, 2010) Former Camp Counsellor, Camp Alleghany, USA  "After graduating I wanted a challenge that would teach me new skills and enable me to have an adventure and working at an American summercamp gave me that chance. Camp taught me skills in teaching, management, teamwork, problem solving and a whole host of others that have been put to good use in my career since, but it was also fantastic fun and I made lifelong friends."

Did you know?

More than 50,000 Birmingham graduates live overseas.

Louisa GrocottLouisa Grocott (BA English with Creative Writing, 2010) Alumni Relations Officer, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences "Staying in Birmingham after university gives you the opportunity to experience a very different side of the city. As a student you don’t really need to leave Selly Oak, but there’s so much more on offer with art, music, culture, shopping, restaurants and sports all on the doorstep. You probably haven’t even scratched the surface yet."

Did you know?

There are more than 25,000 Birmingham graduates living in the city.

Grace SurmanGrace Surman (BSc Business Management with Communications, 2009) Marketing and Alumni Relations Assistant, University of Birmingham "Moving back home can be tricky after three years away, but be patient. Your parients love you, they're just keen to have you home and look after you again. Cooking for them is one way to get in their good books - it provs you've learnt how to feed yourself at uni and gives them a nice treat. If you can't cook, supermarket meal deals are the way forward."

Jasper ChungJasper Chung (MSc Accounting and Finance, 2006) Committee member of the Hong Kong Alumni Association and Business Analysis Manager   "If you return to your home country after studying at Birmingham, you can join and stay connected with the other Birmingham alumni in the local community. You will meet many alumni from young to senior generations via a variety of activities which is a great opportunity for you to extend your network and enrich your social life after graduation. I have met many new friends and enjoy recalling the happiness of Birmingham with them."

Did you know?

The Alumni Events team and local alumni groups often run 'welcome to our city' events for graduates moving to new cities. Visit to find out more.

Lindsey DewLindsey Dew (BSc Mathematics, 2009) Software Developer, The Guardian "The best way to meet people in a new city is to have a hobby and join something. Since moving to London I have started salsa dancingand joined the choir at work, both of which I really enjoy and have met some really nice people as a result. There is so much going on in cities that there are bound to be some like-minded people waiting to meet you."