Concy Aciro

Taking risks in bringing positive change to her country, Concy graduated from Birmingham with an MSc in Poverty Reduction in 2007.

Why she is outstanding

As a young, female, opposition MP in Uganda, Concy puts herself at considerable risk to stand up for what she believes in. She is involved in peace talks between the government and the Lord Resistance Army rebel group to resolve the long-running arms conflict in northern Uganda.

Her interest in politics began at an early age when she was abducted by the Lords Resistance Army rebels to be trained as a fighter at the age of ten. After managing to escape, she was faced with considerable hardship, from significant food shortages to the abuse of the people around her by soldiers and rebels. Rather than discourage her, Concy’s experiences gave her an overwhelming desire to bring positive change to her country.

Away from politics she has created a children's football league with the aim of building unity between refugee camps and re-integrating child soldiers back into their communities.

Did you know?

Concy’s ambition is to see the whole of Uganda as an effective democracy.