Mehmuda Mian

Upholding fair principles in public life, Mehmuda Mian graduated from Birmingham in 1984 with an LLB in Law and French.

Why she is outstanding

Standards are very important to Mehmuda Mian, who has spent much of her career upholding fair principles in public life.

Named on the Muslim Women Power List 2009, Mehmuda is a trustee of the BBC Trust and a former Commissioner of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who has also worked as a non-executive director of the NHS Litigation Authority and a member of the Police Complaints Authority.

Her work with the BBC includes sitting on the Editorial Standards Committee, the final stage of the broadcaster’s complaints process, deciding whether there has been any breach of editorial guidelines and any necessary remedial action. The committee dealt with 70 complaints last year, including the offensive on-air phone call that led to the three-month suspension of presenter Jonathan Ross.

Outside of the BBC Trust, Mehmuda is an Associate Director of the Lokahi Foundation, a charity which undertakes academic research that informs its projects on the ground in the areas of religion, beliefs and culture, and their impact on society. These projects include Campus Salaam, which primarily supports Muslim students in dialogue and engagement using the Campus Salaam website and Lokahi support team. Recent events include ‘Rumble in Westminster’ where controversial subjects were debated and participants learnt how to deal with heckling and aggressive behaviour.

Although she is passionate about standards, Mehmuda’s vivacious personality is far removed from that of the infamous morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse. She enjoys travelling and abseiling, which she recently tried for the first time.

Did you know?

Mehmuda is a fan of nature documentaries, the X-Factor and Have I Got News for You.

Mehmuda Mian: "I have always been interested in challenging unfairness and discrimination. Fighting for the underdog was the reason I chose to study law.’"