Dr Desmond Morris

Unstoppable world-renowned zoologist and author on animal and human behaviour, Dr Desmond Morris graduated from Birmingham in 1951 with a BSc in Zoology.

Why he is outstanding

One of Britain’s best known zoologists and authors, Dr Desmond Morris studies the behaviour patterns of animals and humans. He was Head of the Granada TV and Film Unit at the Zoological Society of London, and made films and TV programmes on animal behaviour and other zoological topics.

When he became Curator of Mammals at the London Zoo, he continued to present TV programmes, including Zootime – the first programme to show the natural behaviour of animals.

Dr Morris is a regular reviewer of animal books and has researched, written, co-written and edited a succession of well-known titles, many of which he turned into highly successful TV programmes such as: The Naked Ape, The Human Zoo and Intimate Behaviour.

In 2009, at the age of 82, Dr Desmond Morris made another three-month journey around the world, visiting the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, Australasia, and the South Pacific.