Dr Hossein Yassaie

A man of imagination with a pure passion for technology Dr Hossein Yassaie graduated from Birmingham in 1979 with a BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and in 1983 obtained his PhD.

Why he is outstanding

As the man behind one of Britain’s leading technology companies, Dr Hossein Yassaie has a love of technology, pure and simple.

Dr Yassaie is CEO of Imagination Technologies, the company at the heart of many of today’s most significant, iconic and exciting consumer electronics products. Imagination develops and licenses Intellectual Property (IP) designs for silicon chips used in everything from mobile phones and media players to the latest tablets, car electronics and high-definition televisions (HDTVs) .

Imagination’s consumer electronics brand, PURE, is the creator and manufacturer of the world's most popular digital and ‘connected’ radios. The number one radio brand in the UK it is also rapidly expanding overseas.

With around 670 staff and a market value of around £800 million Imagination boasts customers including half of the top 20 semiconductor companies, such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Renesas and Samsung. Its technologies are used in products from many of the world’s leading manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Samsung & Sony.

Dr Hossein Yassaie  "My time at the University was a high point of my life. It’s a great place and I always felt at home. I could easily have stayed even longer."