Help students, patients and health workers affected by COVID-19

I care about: Those affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 may be turning our lives upside down, but it won’t stop us helping others.

The words Birmingham In This Together over an image of a woman smiling at a friend through a rainbow painted on a windowResearchers at Birmingham are creating more effective COVID-19 tests to tell us ‘have you got it?’ and ‘have you had it?’. Alumni and friends are helping to support the many students who have lost the vital part-time jobs they relied on to pay for food, bills or rent. We’re getting ready for the long term impact; for those with health complications like cancer, and for students whose lives and learning have been disrupted.

No-one can predict what will be needed most urgently in a few weeks, but here are examples of how your gift could help make a difference:

  • Provide the materials to create and improve protective equipment, including face visors and masks
  • Deliver a reliable test for the virus with same-day results
  • Develop antibody tests to help us understand big unanswered questions such as, will antibodies protect us from getting the virus again?
  • Fund emergency hardship grants to students, many of whom have lost the part-time jobs they relied on
  • Test a series of new drugs with patients in hospitals, to understand which treatments are most effective at which stage. 
  • Understand how cancer patients are affected by COVID-19. Many have been hit doubly hard by the diversion of medical resources and by being especially vulnerable to the virus. 
Donate to tackle COVID-19

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