Help students, patients and health workers affected by COVID-19

I care about: Those affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 may be turning our lives upside down, but it won’t stop us helping others.

The words Birmingham In This Together over an image of a woman smiling at a friend through a rainbow painted on a windowWhen COVID-19 first hit, the University community took rapid action. Alumni funded financial help for 390 students who were hit particularly hard by the loss of part-time jobs, our academics helped create the first ‘lighthouse labs’ to process COVID-19 tests, students delivered food and medicines to people to had to isolate – and so much more.

Now we are looking at the long term impact on our health, our work and our education. Three areas of COVID-19 research are happening right now thanks to the support of alumni and friends: 

  • Understanding COVID-19 antibodies and Long COVID; many alumni, including Adam Jones (BComm, 1990), have funded a new PhD student to support Professor Alex Richter’s work 
  • Research into the use of technology to ensure everyone has access to learn remotely during the pandemic, funded by Kathleen Chew (LLB, 1981; DUniv, 2019)  
  • A new dentistry PhD studentship to explore the implications of COVID-19 on the profession, funded by a dentistry graduate 

Your support will mean we can react quickly as needs continue to evolve during the pandemic, or you can speak with us about funding PhD research into a key area you are passionate about. Find out more about the full breadth of our response to COVID-19.  

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