For young people striving to reach their potential

Create paths to University for bright minds

Countless young people with massive potential are missing out on higher education, due to circumstances entirely beyond their control.


Some may never have contemplated going to university, believing they are not ‘good enough’. For others it may be an unattainable dream, crushed by lack of a quiet study space at home, losing a parent, financial difficulties or daily caring responsibilities for a family member. And for many, COVID-19 has made existing inequalities worse, from uneven online schooling and the lack of access to technology (known as the digital divide) to the loss of family and jobs.

What you can do

Through scholarships and support programmes, you can help vulnerable school pupils and students to recognise their academic potential and help those who have already found their passion to make it happen.

Help young people find their path to University

For example, through the Pathways to Birmingham outreach programme you can offer taster sessions in different subjects, residential summer schools that show what studying is really like, workshops in academic writing, mentoring and much more. Successful participants receive grade offers that reflect the challenges they face and enhanced careers support – and could be eligible for funding of up to £3,500 per year through the Access to Birmingham scholarship/bursary.

Student Blessing Nhundu talks about the impact of the A2B programme and scholarship on his University experience

Audio described version of Blessing talking about scholarships and student support

Similar programmes are available dedicated to those who have been in care, or those who are struggling to combine caring for a family member with full-time study. 

Support future engineers and entrepreneurs

If you want to support young people who already know what they want to do, you can help them build their future as an engineer or entrepreneur.

17 and 18 year olds who have discovered a passion for engineering and the physical sciences often don’t have the right grades in the right subjects to study it at university. A foundation year can be the vital bridge between school and university.

For students or recent graduates with a brilliant business idea, a Start-Up Scholarship can help them bring it to life; providing funding for 12 months and putting them in touch with expert alumni for advice. The goal is to enable initial traction for an idea or to grow an early stage business by the end of the Scholarship.

Mercurius, Hannah and Joe share their start-up ideas for a tutor app, a zero waste marketplace and multi-robot systems.

Audio described version of Mercurius, Hannah and Joe sharing their start-up ideas.

How you can change young people’s lives

  • £3,000 could provide two students with a Pathways to Birmingham scholarship 
  • £5,000 could support three student scholarships and provide a much needed bursary for an internship 
  • £15,000 could fund a specialist scholarship, such as the Start-Up Scholarship
  • £20,000 could fund a foundation year to help a young person with a passion for STEM become an expert 

To start a conversation about how you could help young people build their future through an education at Birmingham, just get in touch.

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