By coming together, as a force for change, we can tackle our world’s biggest challenges, today.

Join in with Birmingham In Action

We are taking action. Be a part of the University’s charitable fundraising and volunteering campaign. 

In 2019, thousands of staff, students and alumni joined together for the first ever University-wide photograph to celebrate the launch of Birmingham In Action. Since then, we have achieved so much together, from scholarships for students to new diagnosis and treatments for cancer. 

Aerial photo of large group of people in University of Birmingham's Green Heart

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Birmingham in Cancer Wards
Foyer, Medical School
Every cancer patient’s journey is different, so we’re creating personalised treatments.

Birmingham in the Riverbeds
Undercroft, Biosciences Building
To stop plastics from entering our oceans, we first need to address them in our rivers.

Birmingham in the Tree Tops
Engineering Building
Use virtual reality to climb the tree tops of the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BiFoR).

Birmingham in Mind
Café Aroma, Staff House
If we support young people earlier, we could prevent decades of illness in later life.

Birmingham in Solidarity
Atrium, Muirhead Tower
How far would you go to get your family to safety?

Birmingham in Plastics
Arts Building
How can recycled plastic help save lives?

Bright Minds in Birmingham
Business School and Education Building
How will you do in the hardest exam a student could take?

Bright Minds in Birmingham
Guild of Students
Find out how to access funding for your student led project.

Bright Minds in Birmingham
Sport and Fitness
Find out about student volunteering opportunities.

Tuck in at the Farmers’ Market  - Arches, Harding Law Building

Tuck in to a free ice cream - Library Steps

Join In - the University-wide photo on the Green Heart Amphitheatre from 1.15–1.45pm

Share which of these projects you most care about on social media @Birminghamalum #Joinin #Birminghamaction

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