You could help patients' own immune systems to fight cancer cells

Make the immune system our ally, starting with the fight against blood cancer

One in ten cancers arise in the blood system; leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Everyone from children to older people can get them. You can help researchers prevent cancer developing and teach the patient's own immune system to fight cancer.

Birmingham-in-the-Veins 1Our immune system is our body’s first line of defence. It probably prevents many cases of cancer developing before we even know they are there. What if we could supercharge our immune system to target the cancer cells that currently slip through? The close link between blood and the immune system means that, if we can teach key blood cells to beat blood cancer, we could also deliver solutions for pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and much more.

You could help accelerate the development of new therapies for cancer

We need to get our immune system in training to fight for us. Our specialists are working on taking T-cells from our blood, enhancing their recognition of the tumour cells that are currently evading them, then putting them back into the body ready to get to work.

You can help us target some of the most challenging tumour types, creating new therapies that mean patients no longer have to endure chemotherapy.

Paul-bloodPeople like Philip need your support

'I was first diagnosed with CLL - a form of leukaemia - back in 2011. Since then I have had two rounds of chemotherapy - both successful - and have been able to lead a pretty normal and active life. Great strides are being made in finding and formulating new treatments. That is why I have been pleased to donate to the University of Birmingham's vital work in this field.'

Paul Moss-blood cancer researcherResearcher Paul Moss needs your support

'Our body’s immune defences can play a role in eradicating cancer and we want to make this a reality for all patients. Your support is making it possible to move our research into patient trials. My belief is that we really are the first generation that has it in their capacity to control this disease.'

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You could help our own immune systems to fight cancer, starting with blood cancer, through a gift starting at £5 a month.

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