Catch the early genetic markers for bowel cancer before the patient themselves even notices symptoms

Find it fast and find the right treatment

Doctors face two key factors when trying to save patients' lives; early diagnosis and matching the right drug to the individual patient. Researchers at Birmingham have already discovered six of the genes that predispose individuals to bowel cancer. Help them find the rest to find bowel cancer earlier.

Professor Andrew Beggs talks about breakthroughs in Bowel Cancer treatments

Birmingham-in-the-Gut-1Bowel cancer is difficult to diagnose, as many of the symptoms (nausea, abdominal pain, tiredness) can be part of less serious conditions. So we need to detect it earlier and then act quickly. Nine out of ten bowel cancer patients who are diagnosed early survive for at least five years. Yet with 2,500 possible drugs, doctors can't tell which one a specific patient needs. A cure for one patient could be useless for another.

You could help identify who might get bowel cancer and find the best treatment for them

With your help, Birmingham could develop a genetic test, to catch the early signs of bowel cancer before the patient themselves becomes aware of them. Then, if cancer is detected, a sample of the cancer can be taken out of the body and grown into a 3D model. This new technique, developed by Professor Andrew Beggs, means doctors can test dozens of drugs on the sample to establish which one actually works, without patients losing critical time or having to endure nasty side effects.

Paul-LauraFamilies like Paul's need your support

'Since we lost our beautiful daughter Laura to bowel cancer at the age of just 35, we've been doing everything we can to fight this horrible disease. The whole family visited Professor Andrew Beggs' labs and were incredibly impressed by his team's research.'

Andrew-BeggsResearcher Andrew Beggs needs your support

'With your support, we'll be able to give options to patients whose cancer has spread throughout the body and, instead of giving cancer treatment that might not work, specifically target the right treatment for the patient's cancer; an era of true personalised medicine.'

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You could help provide the critical equipment needed to win the fight against bowel cancer faster, through a gift starting at £5 a month. £100 could pay to grow a cancer avatar for a patient, to test possible cures on, or £250 could pay for the testing that identifies the right treatment for the individual patient.

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