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Student researchers want to end poverty, fight inequality and stop the spread of disease. They have spent years studying the problems and the complexities, and they are ready to dedicate another three or four years to finding tangible solutions. All they need is the opportunity.

Global-Answers-in-Birmingham 2Poverty, ill-health, pollution, hunger, inequality: these are the problems that we all want solved, so why hasn't it happened yet? These challenges are deeply complex, often interconnected and with incomplete data. We need solutions that don't have unintended consequences. Yet funding is hard to find for postgraduate study. Many who are keen to help have to make hard choices between their dedication and their financial future.

You can help students address the key global issues of the modern world

You could help give a postgraduate student a Global Challenges PhD scholarship, covering fees and living costs so they can focus on the world's big problems without worrying. These scholarships will enable the most talented PhD students to pursue cutting-edge research. Current scholars are exploring, analysing and providing innovative solutions to challenges in the modern world, from combating the threat of drug resistance, to making surgery safer in developing countries.

Karn-global-PhDsMore PhD students like Karn need your support

'I'm investigating urban air pollution, particularly in the developing world. The tool I'm developing will help city planners and governments improve air quality. Were it not for the Global Challenges PhD scholarship, it would have been impossible for me as an international student to dream of studying in one of the best universities in the UK.'

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You could help dedicated PhD students tackle key global issues without going into debt, starting at £5 a month.

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Have you studied a PhD or do you work on a key global challenge? Become a mentor to spend an hour a month sharing your experience with a PhD student.

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