Help students without the right connections get first-hand knowledge of their chosen career

Stop 'who you know' limiting what you can learn

Students who don't have the right networks often struggle to get experience in their chosen field. With many internships still either unadvertised or unpaid, who you know can limit many young people from fulfilling their dreams, wasting their talent. Help break the cycle; offer valuable experience while getting fresh ideas into your organisation.

Experience-in-BirminghamStudying at Birmingham takes real focus, so it can be hard to get work experience too. First-hand knowledge of the realities of their chosen career is so important for students.

Yet those who are first in their family to attend university or from a low-income background often find it difficult to make the connections needed to get relevant experience.


You can help a student get real world experience

A paid internship gives a student the chance to develop vital professional skills. A student works on real life projects with you, bringing new ideas into your organisation while they learn. Internships are paid at National Minimum Wage or above, and typically last four to 12 weeks over the summer, or part-time during term-time. Interns offer your organisation a fresh perspective, and even the chance to build a pipeline of excellent graduates. Alternatively, if you are not in a position to offer an internship yourself, a gift could help a not-for-profit organisation or entrepreneur to give a student invaluable experience.

Jenny-internshipsStudents like Jenny need your help to get experience

'In this day and age companies are becoming increasingly reliant on modern technology and virtual working, and that the fact I already have experience with this helps me to stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs. It has also helped me consider different career options that I hadn't previously looked at such as market research.'

Make a donation

Your gift could help a charity or start-up to pay an intern to work with them. Make a gift starting at £5 a month or get in touch to fully fund an internship.

Give time

Discuss how an internship could benefit both a student and your organisation across the UK or even through a virtual internship worldwide.

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