You could help those fleeing everything to feel like they belong

Help welcoming communities be heroes

When traumatised refugee families arrive in a place of safety, they urgently need a home, medical support and language education. Community groups stand ready to help give them the tools they need to be this lifeline.

Birmingham-in-CommunitiesThe front pages of newspapers may have moved on, but the refugee crisis isn't over. Today, people fleeing war and violence will step into a dangerously overcrowded boat because it is safer than staying where they are. Yet when these traumatised and vulnerable people arrive in safe places, they are often isolated and afraid, and existing residents don't know how to respond. How can we help communities and refugees to support each other?

You could help communities and refugees to work together

Pilot programmes are taking place across the UK, in which community groups volunteer to sponsor a vulnerable refugee family, providing housing and helping them find healthcare, language tuition and employment. Birmingham is researching the most effective way to do this, working with the Home Office and Reset Refugees and Communities to help shape this programme in real time. If successful, this work could save lives, create social cohesion and help refugees contribute to their communities.

Make a donation

You could help create the best possible support for vulnerable refugees, by giving volunteer groups the most effective tools and knowledge. Get in touch to discuss how you could make a significant impact.

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