Help more young entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground

Give young entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams reality

Many students and recent graduates have amazing business ideas that could change lives; your support could help bring them to life through Start-Up Scholarships. 

Young female entrepreneur in glasses and apron managing a bike shopThere are incredible students and recent graduates with high potential ideas across the corridors of our University; your philanthropy and involvement is the driving force in harnessing this potential and building a community of academically excellent, investable and innovative Start-Up Scholars. The University of Birmingham's Exchange in the heart of the city is home to a state of the art incubator; UoB Elevate acts as a springboard between campus and the wider world. Together, we can create a dynamic and inspiring community of scholars and alumni supporters.

You can help young people start their own business

A scholarship of up to 12 months could enable students and recent high-potential graduates to develop their entrepreneurial business ideas and innovations. The Start-Up Scholarship accelerates their ambition by providing funding, and putting them in touch with expert alumni to advise them enabling the realisation of innovation. The goal is to enable initial traction for an idea or to grow an early stage business by the end of the Scholarship. Donations of £10,000 made by August 2023 will be matched by £5,000 to create a £15,000 Start-Up Scholarship for a graduate (or graduate team) from the University of Birmingham.

How could alumni involvement accelerate their ambition?

  • Access to expertise: alumni mentors can provide expert guidance and industry insights
  • Grow entrepreneurial capital: enhancement opportunities, conferences, workshops and networks
  • Tackling real-life challenges in their area: projects in specific areas related to their expertise through alumni businesses and networks
  • Immersive industry experiences: spending time in another start-up environment to expand their understanding of how start-ups operate 

Graduate Michael Rawlinson is offering young entrepreneurs the support he wishes he'd had

Make a donation

You can help young people with high potential put their business ideas into action, through a gift to the Start-Up Scholarships, starting at £5 a month. If you would like to talk about supporting a full Start-Up Scholarship, please email

Give time

Students and recent graduates need guidance from experts in their chosen sector. You can mentor a student, or offer an internship so students can see first-hand the excitement and challenges of entrepreneurship.

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