Research in the community

Our clinical trials tackle illnesses that include cancer, leukaemia, Alzheimer’s and congenital heart disease. They offer hope to thousands of Midlands’ patients and their families. We work in partnership with one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham. Here, our researchers take the latest developments from the laboratory to the patient’s bedside in the quickest time possible.

Community initiatives such as our Obesity Ambassadors programme help to promote a crucial dialogue between our experts and the local population in a bid to improve community health in the city. This initiative, combined with our recent acquisition of a Health Research Bus, enables the University to take its research, researchers and facilities into the local community; allowing people who might not otherwise seek medical intervention, easy access to expertise.

Members of the local community are also helping us to break new research ground. Our Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics Centre (CN-CR) requires regular community involvement for its research, which is combining the development of intelligent robots with therapies for the damaged or ageing brain. Our research in Sport and Exercise Science is another of the many areas that require regular involvement from our local community.

For further information about our research impact please visit the research section of this website.