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We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact, and doing all we can to make safe and reassure our staff and students.

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CURRENT STAFF - overseas travel form

What are the quarantine rules for travellers coming back to the UAE?

The UAE Ministry of Education now discourages all travel overseas for students and all those who work in educational institutions in the UAE.

If you are currently outside the UAE, or do plan to travel, on your return you will need to:-

  • demonstrate by medical certificate that you are free from the COVID-19 virus
  • undertake a mandatory 14 day period of home quarantine at your residence before coming back on to campus for any reason.

University of Birmingham Dubai will not be allowed to let you enter the campus until you have demonstrated this has been done.

This effectively means that if you are overseas now, or go overseas at any point, you will need to return to the UAE at least 14 days prior to when you need to be on campus.

If you are traveling out of the UAE it is important that you let us know your dates and locations by email to

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