EXPO 2020

Here at the University of Birmingham Dubai we are delighted to be engaging with EXPO 2020, from research collaboration with our expert academics through to supporting the EXPO 2020 University Programme and Birmingham students selected as EXPO 2020 Student Champions.


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The EXPO University Programme has been carefully designed to immerse students into the global platform that EXPO 2020 has created. Our students will be have the opportunity to learn beyond their classroom and take part in a number of designed University days.

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Our Alumni at EXPO 2020

As the world comes together through EXPO 2020 Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022, we are proud to highlight how our alumni are helping to share knowledge, enable world class visitor experience and playing an important role to take part in the greatest event ever to take place in the Arab World.


Mohamed Zalzale

Mohamed Zalzale

Head of Education

“I am delighted that our students will benefit from the knowledge sharing and much-awaited human interactions the EXPO2020 Pavilions and events will offer. We look forward to contributing to and benefitting from the EXPO2020 University programme as it transcends the development of the students in the UAE”


Keeping up to date 

Discover what's on for the month of March and further details on how as a community we are engaging with #EXPO2020!

National Days

Eithiopia 02-Mar
Somalia 07-Mar
Ghana 08-Mar
Afghanistan 10-Mar
Cameroon 12-Mar
Ireland 17-Mar
Czech 21-Mar
Pakistan 23-Mar
Greece 25-Mar
South Africa 28-Mar





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