A cutting-edge, intelligent campus

The Dubai campus will be embedded with cutting-edge technology to deliver the truly world-class physical and digital experience befitting a global, top 100-ranked University.

IoT infographic with a smart city raising up out of a mobile phoneUtilising IoT technology, you will make use of a bespoke mobile applications to maximise your efforts and efficiency, working smarter and organising your time more easily. The application will include quickly identifiable study spaces, personalised step-by-step directions to your next lecture and live notifications when something of interest is happening nearby and even watch lecture playback all through one unified platform.

The inclusion of such technologies delivers a seamless, personalised, flexible and connected experience where you are encouraged to be an active participant in your learning.

Described as an Intelligent Campus, our new campus has been specifically designed to embrace sustainable practices, ensuring the University leads the way in corporate environmental responsibility whilst delivering a modern building that is capable of adapting to changes in technology, learning and climate.

This data and innovative technology will be integrated with the curriculum, across subject disciplines, and utilised by industry partners through research projects, consultancy opportunities and student internships.

From world-leading research and facilities, to our forward thinking staff, technological infrastructure and our industry partnerships, we will drive innovation to ensure you are well prepared with the skills, knowledge and expertise required to excel in the job market of tomorrow.