Our new campus

This outstanding new campus demonstrates our commitment to providing a world-leading, research-informed, elite university education in the heart of the United Arab Emirates and continues our legacy of connecting the brightest students from across the globe in a university renowned for research and teaching. 


Uniquely designed in the shape of a crescent moon and inspired by the historic Aston Webb buildings in Birmingham, our bespoke new facility in Dubai will visually fuse the history and stature of our Edgbaston campus with the heritage, tradition and beauty of Arabic culture and architecture.

Collaboration is at the heart of the campus design, reflecting real-world working practices. You will be able to take advantage of our exceptional working spaces to carry out research in interdisciplinary teams across all of our academic subjects; from Computer Science to Psychology, for a comprehensive learning experience.

Flexible study spaces ensure that you have a learning environment suited to your needs; facilities will range from large lecture theatres and laboratories through to smaller seminar and tutorial rooms enabling you to work closely with both our academics and your classmates. Spaces will incorporate multiple uses and will transform at the flick of a switch from seated to open, from large to small, or from bright sunshine to movie theatre darkness. Our ‘digital first’ approach to learning technology ensures that you can work seamlessly with peers in Dubai but also encourages international collaboration with students from our UK or Singapore campuses, giving you the invaluable experience of working on projects that span the globe.

Our innovative library facilities are located at the very heart of the campus, with an extensive catalogue of resources and the latest technology to aid self-study and easy access. Specialist librarians will be on hand to offer support and guidance, not just on finding resources but on the vital academic skills development that are the bedrock on which you can excel in your studies. Additionally, you will have access to over 500,000 academic articles, textbooks and journals virtually from our Edgbaston campus allowing the seamless transition between campus learning and online study.

Our new campus has been specifically designed to embrace sustainable practices, ensuring the University leads the way in corporate environmental responsibility whilst delivering a modern building that is capable of adapting to changes in technology, learning and climate.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories will utilise the latest technologies in the teaching of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. These laboratories will allow you to benefit from transformational teaching in spaces designed to encourage and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary working.