Our Services

Business with Birmingham develops and grows relationships with many commercial businesses, small and large. We identify challenges of mutual interest and introduce academia to companies in their area of research. We broker the development of project proposals and assist the set-up contracts for collaboration.

Our support for business varies depending on the industry collaborator, academic or project - there are no standard approaches. For organisations new to collaborating with the University, we establish industry visits, create detailed briefings and develop a holistic understanding of the business's challenge. We then translate academic concepts into industry-ready ideas.

Our five Colleges, 7,500 staff members and leading-edge facilities can be accessed in the following ways:

Services Contract RandDContract R&D: 

Join forces with our researchers to work on your orgnaisation's specific research and development needs. Please contact us here to discuss your specific needs and how we can meet them. 



Services ConsultConsultancy:

We can send you the brightest minds from a wide range of disciplines to help boost your organisation's knowledge and resources with objective expert consultancy.  For more information, please visit our Consultancy  page. 


Image Window for IPIntellectual property licences: 

We have a varied portfolio of medical, biomedical, engineering and environmental patents available for licensing. So whether it's a life-changing vaccine or a piece of time-saving technology, our intellectual property could become your company's crowning glory. To learn more, please visit our Enterprise pages


equipEquipment and facilities: 

Utilise our state-of-the-art facilities and scientific equipment, or train members of your team on a particular technique. Our researchers are on hand to offer technical support, problem solving and help with product development. To learn more, please visit our research facilities and equipment pages.