Professional education

At the University of Birmingham, we believe in making our cutting-edge research and knowledge accessible to all.

Law EducationOur executive education programmes are designed for working professionals looking to expand their knowledge, learn about new developments in their field, or understand other related disciplines.

Our programmes draw on the knowledge and expertise of our academic faculty based in the UAE, as well as the cutting-edge and world-leading research taking place at the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston Campus, and will provide an in-depth insight into both the UAE and global context.

Delegates benefit from small class sizes with high academic-to-delegate ratios, peer-to-peer learning through class discussions and opportunities to expand their contacts through networking events.

Our previous professional activities have featured a wide range of academic and research disciplines relevant to the Dubai and UAE region. This has included developing inclusion and special educational needs in Dubai; legal issues in financial markets; building character virtues of the young in schools, and; encouraging support and engagement for Arabic language development.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke professional education programme, contact us at or via telephone on (+971) 424 92300 to discuss your needs.