Careers Service

Careers BannerAs a student at the University of Birmingham Dubai campus, you have access to our expert careers support and a wide range of services to help you take that next step towards employment.


Danielle Shonibare

BSc Economics

“The careers service is amazing! Coming to Dubai, I wasn’t sure how many opportunities I’d have to try out internships in various fields, but in just my first year I’ve taken part in two internships. Both were virtual internships with a British company called Evolve, and another called Gulf for Good, based in the UAE. Working virtually allowed me to work from anywhere and maintain contact with the rest of the team and the company through social media and virtual meeting apps. Studying Economics leaves me with a lot of career options, and the careers service at UoBD has allowed me explore that by offering opportunities in different professional fields. This past year I’ve really enjoyed working with both charitable organisations and hope to continue to discover more about my interests”


Meet Roshni, she's here to help you engage with prospective employers and to develop our internship opportunities.

Roshni Barot
Business and Employer Engagement Manager