Computer Science with a year in Mechanical Engineering

Why study ‘with a Year in Mechanical Engineering’?

Mechanical engineering, as a diverse and fundamental engineering discipline, transforms an idea from its conception to a physical product following a systematic process. The breadth of such products ranges from small individual parts (e.g., microscale sensors, switches) to huge systems (e.g., automobiles, aircraft, powerplants). Mechanical engineers play a key role in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation, mechatronics, biotechnology, robotics and automation, renewable energy, healthcare machinery, transportation systems, fuels and combustion systems, water supply systems, underwater & space exploration, and more.

To provide you with applied skills to meet the needs of 21st century, the University of Birmingham Dubai offers unique and exciting Computer Science and related degree programmes 'with Year in Mechanical Engineering'. It allows you the chance to gain additional in-depth knowledge of engineering domain and enhance your work-based computational skills focused on engineering applications. Such skills include understanding the engineering design analysis, relevant software, and the ability to enhance/extend the software capability by applying your computational knowledge.

You will possess very strong solution design and development skills when graduating from this programme, which are extremely valuable in both technical and managerial roles within computer and engineering industries. Importantly, you will possess a unique combination of strong computational, artificial intelligence, and engineering skills to address challenging problems and design solutions in a wider sector within the society.