Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

This page is being regularly updated to reflect the latest advice from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health and other sources including local partners. We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact, and doing all we can to make safe and reassure our staff and students.

This page contains information for:

  • Current students
  • Parents of current students
  • Prospective applicants
  • Parents of prospective applicants and Schools

These FAQS are regularly updated in response to the latest official advice.  If you have any particular queries please contact

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Latest updates


What are the quarantine rules for travellers coming back to the UAE?

The UAE Ministry of Education now discourages all travel overseas for students and all those who work in educational institutions in the UAE.

If you are currently outside the UAE, or do plan to travel, on your return you will need to:-

  • demonstrate by medical certificate that you are free from the COVID-19 virus
  • undertake a mandatory 14 day period of home quarantine at your residence before coming back on to campus for any reason.

University of Birmingham Dubai will not be allowed to let you enter the campus until you have demonstrated this has been done.

This effectively means that if you are overseas now, or go overseas at any point, you will need to return to the UAE at least 14 days prior to when you need to be on campus.

If you are traveling out of the UAE it is important that you let us know your dates and locations by email to


Questions for current students

What does the announcement mean?

The Ministry of Education UAE has announced that all schools, colleges and universities in the UAE will close for four weeks starting from Sunday 8th March. This means the UoB Dubai campus building will be closed to students during this time. At present we are working on the assumption that it will be business as usual from 5th April.

Why has this decision been made?

The decision to close all schools, colleges and universities for 4 weeks has been made to reduce the chance of Covid-19 spreading and to provide the opportunity to deep clean schools. 

Does that mean UoB Dubai is closed completely for the next 4 weeks?

Plans are being put in place to continue teaching activity remotely and staff will remain available to support you and your education. They will be contactable via usual channels (email, Canvas, etc). 

What happens to my learning?

The expectation is that learning continues, just in different forms. We will be providing high quality learning online during this period to ensure continuity of educational provision. 

How will I access learning?

Distance learning will be provided online in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of each programme. Information regarding this will be provided by each programme leader in due course. This is with direct supervision of University of Birmingham governance and will be of the same high quality as all our educational output.

What if I find learning at a distance a challenge?

We understand that some students may prefer the usual, in-person learning experience, but current circumstances mean that online learning is our best and only option. Our primary goal is always to provide continuity of educational provision, and to ensure all students are able to progress, and we feel that this is the best way to meet those goals.

Will student support be available?

Yes, absolutely. Student wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, especially during this time, and all student services will be available through phone and online.

Our Student Wellbeing Officer will be working throughout this period to make sure students are safe and supported, and can be contacted on email or telephone/whatsapp  +971 55 182 7903

Are summer exams and other assessments still going ahead?

At the moment we are working on the understanding that all exams and assessments will go ahead after this 4 week period is over. However, we are also developing contingency plans should alternate methods of assessment be necessary. Students should continue to prepare for assessments as usual and advice will be provided on a programme by programme basis.

What if I need to travel during the next four weeks?

The situation with travel restrictions into the UAE is evolving quickly, so any travel at the moment may carry some element of risk.

If you do intend to travel in the next four weeks or beyond, we advise checking our own advice pages as a UK University we draw heavily on the advice of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who provide comprehensive and regularly updated advice on travel around the world for each country. Foreign travel advice page. You can also choose to have alerts emailed to you about the relevant country by clicking on the  ‘get email alerts’ option above the summary.

If you do travel it would be great if you could stay in touch and let us know where you are going to be by e-mailing:

What if I get sick?

If you become unwell, particularly with respiratory illness symptoms like a cough please:

  • Stay at home;
  • Seek medical advice immediately;
  • and let us know!

This is particularly important if you are an international student living independently. We will do everything we can to make sure you are safe and supported.

Remember, so far incidences of COVID-19 are extremely rare in UAE. If you are feeling unwell it’s far more likely to be a common cold. However, take no chances. Isolate. Report. Communicate.


Questions for parents of current students

My child is under 18 and living independently, how will they be supported?

We always take our commitment to safeguard younger students very seriously, and have put extra provision in place to ensure that students who are under 18 years old are monitored and supported during this period. If you have any concerns please contact the Student Wellbeing Officer on


Questions for prospective applicants

I am interested in applying to the University of Birmingham Dubai, can I meet someone to discuss my application?

We would be delighted to support you with your application and can offer you a call back via telephone or messages via WhatsApp to discuss. Please contact one of our Student Recruitment Officers on  or +971 58 125 8902 or +971 55 182 8937 and they will answer any questions you may have.

I would like to attend your Open Day, is this still going ahead?

The dates for our next Open Days are Saturday 21st March, which will take place as an online open day. Regarding our Open Day on Sunday 19th April, we are following the latest official guidance as to whether this can still take place on campus, otherwise we will host it online. This will provide you with the same opportunity to talk to our students, staff and lecturers online and via telephone on these days.

Please register for our open day here.

What happens if my school exams or end of year grades are affected by possible COVID-19 delays, will this affect my chances of applying for September 2020?

Please do not worry, we are here to support every applicant, simply contact us for a conversation and we can discuss your situation and what your options might be. Please contact one of our Student Recruitment Officers on +971 58 125 8902 or +971 55 182 8937 and they will answer any questions you may have.

Will the University still be attending external events and exhibitions around the UAE?

We are following the official guidance but where possible and where permission is granted for such events to go ahead, we will continue to attend so that we can meet you and give further information about our courses, scholarships and how to apply. 

For any external events or exhibition enquiry please contact or +971 58 125 8902/ +971 55 182 8937 and we will be able to discuss. 

*Please note these events are hosted by external organisations that will also be reviewing official advice, and they may cancel events based on best advice.  


Parents of applicants and schools

We value you our relationship with parents and schools teachers and here to support you as well as students.  We offer you the opportunity to contact us for a conversation about any concerns or challenges you may have. 

We endeavour to offer business as usual remotely, through online activities, emails and telephone.

I am a school/careers teacher and would like to continue to support my pupil’s journey to university, can the University help remotely?

We offer the same high quality presentations, workshops and tasters lectures online, presenting live into your classroom via our digital platform.  We would be happy to chat through a list of options via telephone.  Please contact