The Student Charter - Overseas Campuses and Transnational Education

"The Charter, jointly developed by students and staff, outlines the standards and core principles of our learning community" - Professor David Eastwood (Vice-Chancellor) and the President of the Guild of Students/equivalent in Student Association**

We aim to provide:

  • An enriching and accessible learning environment;
  • A safe place on campus and in the local community, based on co-operation and mutual respect;
  • A productive and inclusive support structure;
  • A diverse range of opportunities for personal development beyond the curriculum.
Theme ⇨ Provider ⇩ Learning environment  Safe place  Support Personal development
Students will:
  • Be self-motivated, engage with the culture of learning and take responsibility for their educational goals*

  • Enjoy academic freedom of expression, whilst aknowledging others' right to expression. 

  • Be responsible citizens

  • Respect the environment

  • Have an awareness of safety regimes, including policies and procedures

  • Make themselves aware of the sources of support and guidance

  • Engage actively with all opportunities to provide feedback

  • Take advantage of the social and extra-curricular opportunities

  • Develop employability skills through a range of curricular and extra-curricular activity

The Guild/Student Association** will:
  • Represent the student body

  • Hold free and fair elections within a democratic structure

  • Promote personal safety

  • Provide a supportive community for students with protected characteristics
  • Provide a source of advice and support on academic issues, welfare issues and formal University procedures

  • Provide opportunities for social and personal development through societies and events

UoB will:
  • Make available appropriate, accessible learning resources to all

  • Provide relevant information relating to studies

  • Provide timely and useful feedback on assessments

  • Provide an accessible and fair legislative framework

  • Provide an environment within which students can enjoy academic freedom of expression
  • Provide a safe and secure environment within which to study and socialise

  • Consider environmental impact

  • Advance equality and value diversity on campus

  • Provide professional welfare services (including financial advice)

  • Ensure each student is aware of their personal tutor and/or supervisor***

  • Be committed to listening to student feedback and taking action as appropriate

  • Support opportunities for development through sport and societies

  • Provide enhanced transcripts to all graduates
  • Provide a high quality careers, information, advice and guidance service, including access to a 
    range of employers, work experience and enterprise skill development
* The University terms this ‘reasonable diligence’

** For students studying at the University's overseas campus the responsibilities of the Guild of Students will be undertaken through the appropriate local student representation system.

***In the case of PGR programmes

This Student Charter applies to students who commenced their studies in 2018-19 or after.  

Student engagement

Student engagement is defined as the range of ways in which students are active participants in shaping their learning experience. The University takes deliberate steps to engage all our students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience.


If you have any comments, feedback or questions regarding the Student Charter please contact us.

Annual review

The Student Charter will be reviewed annually by the University Education Committee, which includes representation from the Guild of Students.