Your university experience is about much more than studying and learning. Outside the lecture room you need somewhere you can feel safe, relax and make the most of your free time. This means finding a great place to live.

There are a number of private single sex living options near to the University of Birmingham Dubai, all of which will provide you with a modern and safe living experience. Dedicated student accommodation providers typically offer en-suite accommodation in shared apartments, where rooms are either single or double occupancy. These types of accommodation also tend to offer facilities such as gyms and social spaces, with basic costs of Wi-Fi and utilities usually included in the fee. We are able to provide you with details of recommended accommodation providers to meet your requirements. Alternatively, we can assist you with finding a private apartment in Dubai. Shuttle transport services will be provided at key times between our campus and our recommended accommodation providers. 

The cost of accommodation will vary depending on your lifestyle choice. Most accommodation providers will require you to pay a deposit of rent in advance, meaning that as well as having a monthly budget of approximately, you will need access to additional funds initially to secure your tenancy.  

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