The Cultural Context

There are many rules, customs, behaviours and values that might be different, or wholly new to a member of the University of Birmingham Dubai, and it is important that all members acquaint themselves with these to ensure they are compliant and fully aware, as well as minimising risk for the duration of their time in Dubai.

SAM_3319 May 2018

For the initial context, the Dubai Government website provides a host of information which will enable individuals to research and understand what is appropriate and necessary in Dubai, as well as what is prohibited, frowned upon, or outlawed. It is also useful to be familiar with an overview of Dubai culture and etiquette, as well as more specific information on social etiquette.

Information should be read alongside the Dubai Code of Conduct, with necessary reference to the United Arab Emirates Country Profile for further context. There is a variety of resources available online regarding the cultural context in Dubai and the UAE. Some of the other pages available to learn about culture and etiquette are: