Student visas support


Type of visa

United Arab Emirates (UAE) law requires all non-national (except Gulf Cooperation Council nationals) students to obtain a ‘Student Entry Permit’, followed by a ‘Student Residence Visa’ for the duration of their studies.  Visa applications (new and renewable) for University of Birmingham Dubai students will be managed by the Dubai Office.

The Dubai Office will advise you about which type of visa you need for your studies and will support you in the visa process including supporting you with renewing your visa for each year of your study.

How can I obtain my visa?

You should contact the Dubai Office who will provide you with advice, guidance and support to make your visa application - this applies to your new and renewable visas. 

When should I make my visa application?

Normally, once you have received an offer of admission, met our academic conditions and paid your fees deposit, you should contact the Dubai Office as soon as possible and they will support you in starting the process for applying for a Student Visa (Entry Permit and Student Residence Visa).

How long will the visa process take?

The Dubai Office will be able to advise you on this but the process normally takes between 15 - 20 working days. You should note that sometimes it may be necessary for your visa application to undergo a security check by UAE government authorities, which may delay the process. Additional checks are at the discretion of the UAE Government and neither the University of Birmingham Dubai nor the Dubai Office will be able to intervene on your behalf should further checks be required. We therefore recommend that you make your application two months prior to the start your studies.

How much will my visa application cost?

The cost of a visa is set by the UAE Government Services Office (GSO) and is subject to change. 

Medical Insurance

The University of Birmingham Dubai requires all students on our University Student Residence Visa to have medical insurance for the duration of their study. A copy of the insurance documents must be submitted with the application. The Dubai Office will advise you about medical insurance as you will need to include a copy of your insurance documents with your visa application. 


You will be advised on the documents you must bring with you when you enrol.