University teaching and learning

Whether you have just finished school, are studying with a UK university for the first time, or are returning to studies after some time out, it is likely that you will find studying at the University of Birmingham Dubai different to what you have experienced before.

University level study expects you to be independent and take ownership of your studies. You will take what you have been taught and apply your own perspectives, thought and research to create original work. There are many areas where there is no 'correct' answer and you will be encouraged to develop your own ideas and opinions on a topic.

Starting university is a time of transition for all students. It may be your first time studying in higher education, you may be studying a new subject, and it may be the first time you have lived independently. Naturally, it will take some time for you to settle into your studies, and we will support you through this transition.

Methods of teaching

University courses are taught in different ways, and you will likely experience a mixture of methods during your degree, depending on the discipline, the number of students involved, and how it is assessed.

You may have less face-to-face contact time with lecturers or tutors than you may have had at school or in previous studies. You will have time for independent study which you should use to prepare for your classes, review material and readings from your previous classes, prepare for assignments, or simply take time to extend your reading around your subject.

We maintain an average student to academic staff ratio of 20:1 or better across all programmes.

Your induction sessions during Welcome Week will introduce you to your programme, and you will find out more about the ways in which you will learn and how you will be assessed.

Academic English

Take your Academic English to the next level with our new online learning resources.

Strong academic English skills are the key to success at university. As a student on our Dubai campus, you can access a range of innovative online learning resources on Canvas. You just need to self-enrol with your University username and password.

Beyond your programme

Whilst at University, you will have opportunities to work with students studying on other programmes and disciplines on challenges to develop solutions to global issues. 

You will also be able to access careers support to help you explore your next steps and develop the skills you need to get there. You can access study skills support to help you do the best that you can.