Hear from our students

A few weeks into the first term our students reflect on thier experiences about why they chose to study with us.


Monika Nagaraju

MSc International Business

“My decision to choose the University of Birmingham was driven by the quality of education at the home campus. I am extremely pleased and excited to know that they have ensured the Dubai campus mirrors the home campus in all aspects. The diversity of the cohort, the attitude of the faculty and the whole campus atmosphere makes me believe i have made the right choice.”


Owais Chatriwala

BEng Mechanical Engineering

“I chose the University of Birmingham because it is a Russell group institute and ranked 79th in the world with future job prospects in Jaguar automation and Rolls-Royce which are my dream companies to work for as a mechanical engineer after graduation.”


Ruth Sampson

BSc Bachelor's Degree with Integrated Foundation Year (Social Sciences, Business and Law Pathway)

“University of Birmingham Dubai is great because it feels like a home away from home. The academics are friendly and approachable.”


Aishatu Tukur

MSc International Business

“I chose to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai because it is a top ranked University. I chose to pursue this course in Dubai despite living in the UK because it combines my desire to study abroad and launch an international career. What stood out to me was the emphasis on career development it is clear the University wants students to excel.”


Tendayi Gonondo

BSc Business Management

“I chose to study at the University of Birmingham because it is one of the world’s best universities and this naturally stems from this institutions ambition and its nature of providing excellent research, and world leading graduates. The lecturers are really friendly and are willing to help you at any time. The Student Services staff are also very helpful and will support with anything from applying for a visa to opening a bank account. The university has a global reputation and of the largest and influential alumni networks, which will be very helpful when looking for a job or trying to start a business after you graduate.”



Yaseen Gubara

BSc Bachelor's Degree with Integrated Foundation Year (Engineering and Physical Sciences Pathway)

“Though the courses are challenging, as expected from a Russell Group University, the staff and professors will always be there to help, no matter where you are.”


Amenah Munshi

PGCE Primary Education Teaching Studies

“I chose to do the PGCE programme as I felt there was a gap in the market within the UAE for qualified teachers recruited locally. I was interested in the PGCE programme with the University of Birmingham Dubai as it was the only qualification delivered in the UAE which was recognized in the UK and internationally, where a campus was available and the course was not online. The programme educates you to teach in the UAE, following the teaching standards of the UAE in preparation for obtaining your teaching license provided by the KHDA. It is a fully comprehensive teacher training course with as much information as possible within the time given to begin your platform and journey into teaching. What I liked about the course was the amount of assistance available by the tutors and the individualised support and attention you can receive with your assignments or even lesson planning which may not have been available in larger universities such as within the UK where there may be 100 people on the course. Another benefit of the course is that it mirrors the exact modules of those within the UK and delivered by tutors who are either flown in from the UK or via an interactive Skype session. You have the comfort of knowing you will be receiving the same level of education as you would receive within the UK.”



Lilly Schwarzenbach

MSc Computer Science

“The University of Birmingham Dubai offers a quality education combined with an innovative MSc Computer Science programme. I am looking forward to the next few months.”


Malika Chandoo

PGCE Secondary Mathematics Education

“There has long been an need for a proper accredited internationally recognised on the ground teaching training programme in the UAE. The University of Birmingham’s PGCE course in Dubai goes a long way to fill this void - to be able to undertake the PGCE at a global top 100 and Russel Group university and to be supported by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and to be given teaching placements at top reputable schools in the country as part of the programme is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to get into teaching.”



Fiona Li

MSc - Computer Science

“The Careers Service was excellent in providing me with swift and extensive internship and graduate careers guidance, from C.V. checks to interview preparation. The team’s help made me vastly more comfortable with the application process and I strongly encourage any student to make use of their incredible services.”