Health checklist for new students

Starting university can be a busy time so it's easy to overlook your health. However thinking about staying healthy now will ensure you make the most of your university experience and help you avoid problems later on.

1. Make sure you have the right health insurance

The Government of Dubai requires all nationals and residents to have health insurance. As a student under University sponsorship, you will be asked to apply for medical insurance alongside your visa. If you are not under University sponsorship for visa purposes, you need to make sure you have a valid and recognised insurance plan whilst studying in Dubai. There are a huge range of plans available, so you should make sure you understand what is covered by your chosen plan, and that it covers any services you may need to access. Find out more about healthcare in Dubai.

2. Disclose a disability

As a University, we are committed to supporting students with disabilities or learning support needs. Telling us about any disabilities, learning needs, or long term health conditions that you may have will make it easier for us to support you in your studies. Find out how to tell us about a disability.

3. Pack any medications

Remember to pack any medications you are currently taking and bring any information you have about the medicines, such as a prescription, or any medical conditions you may have. You will need to be aware of regulations about bringing medicines into the UAE. These regulations are subject to change and so it is essential that you check before you travel. Find out more from Dubai Customs.

4. Bring medical information with you

If you have any ongoing health conditions, disabilities or illnesses, you might find it helpful to bring a letter from your home doctor explaining these, so that you can share it with your doctor in the UAE. If you take any medicines, you will need to bring copies of prescriptions or details of these medicines. Similarly, if you wear glasses, you might find it helpful to have a copy of your most recent prescription/eye test in case you need to replace your glasses.