Online Registration

All students need to complete Online Registration at the start of each academic year. Find out essential information to help you complete the process.

Online Registration is the process for confirming that you will be studying at the University of Birmingham and by which you agree to abide by the University's regulations. It is an essential step in becoming a student at the University, so it is important that you complete it as soon as possible when asked to. You will be required to confirm your personal details, your programme details and other important information.

You will need to have completed Online Registration before you can begin your programme of study, and to ensure you are able to access services such as your student email address and the University's virtual learning environment.

How do I access Online Registration?

Online Registration is accessed via the button below. You will need to log in using your student username and password, which is sometimes called your ADF login. If you are a new student, you will receive your username and password in the email asking you to complete Online Registration.

Complete Online Registration

When you have received your password, you can change it to something more memorable using the Password Manager. If you have any problems with your login or password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk.

When do I need to complete Online Registration?

You will need to complete Online Registration ahead of starting your programme in September. You will receive an email from the University asking you to complete Online Registration from 9th July 2021 onwards, once you have satisfied any conditions on your admissions offer. You should complete Online Registration as soon as possible when asked to do so.

What am I agreeing to?

When you complete Online Registration, you will be asked to agree to the declaration. It is essential that you read this carefully and understand what you are agreeing to. We strongly recommend that you read our declaration information page before completing Online Registration.

Help with Online Registration

If you are having difficulty with completing Online Registration, our Student Help pages offer answers to a huge range of frequently asked questions.

Yo may also want to complete the photography consent form.

You can also contact the Online Registration Helpline by phoning +971 424 92300 between 09:00 - 17:00 (GST) or by selecting 'Contact Us' at the bottom of any question on Student Help.