Transport in Dubai

The University of Birmingham Dubai offers term time transport services to and from campus to foundation, undergraduate, and PGCE students living in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

University transport fees

Undergraduate student transport fees


Charges for term 1 (Sep-Dec) 2023-2024

Charges for term 2 (Jan-June) 2023-2024


AED 1,936

AED 2,783


AED 2,299

AED 3,267


AED 2,541

AED 2,783

January intake foundation student transport fees


Charges for term 1 (Jan-Mar) 2023-2024

Charges for term 2 (April-July) 2023-2024


AED 1,936

AED 2,783


AED 2,299

AED 3,267


AED 2,541

AED 2,783

PGCE student transport fees


Charges for term 1 (Sep-Dec) 2023-2024

Charges for term 2 (Jan-June) 2023-2024


AED 847

AED 1,331


AED 1,089

AED 1,452


AED 1,210

AED 1,815

*Disclaimer: Transportation for a particular route or area will depend on number of people using transport in that particular route.

Should you wish to avail transportation during term time, we would request you to fill in the student transport application form with your details. 

Download the student transport application form


When should I register for student transport?

The registration starts prior to the start of each term (September and January). Please ensure you have completed the online registration and have your class timetable before registering for transportation.  

Do you offer transport for postgraduate students?

We do not offer postgraduate student transport. Our student transport services are only available to foundation, undergraduate and PGCE students.

What are the fees for student transport?

The fees for the transport services per term (Term 1 and Term 2) are specified on this page. 

How do I pay for student transport?

A separate invoice will be sent to you once you have started using the transport service. Once you have received the invoice you can pay via bank transfer or by credit card (we can send you link upon request).

Can I cancel the student transport once I have registered?

You will be charged for the transport fees once you start using the services for more than one pick up and one drop off. Following this, in the event you wish to cancel the service, you will still be liable to pay the transport fees in full for the term. 

Can I change the location of the student transport after registration?

If you plan to change the location of the pick up and drop off, please ensure you verbally inform the driver and email at least one week prior to the change.

Once I complete the student transport registration form, what are the next steps?

On your first day of class, please make your own way to campus. Visit the Student Hub to enquire about your allocated bus' schedule. You may then use the drop off service to return home.

Who do I contact if I have any queries regarding student transport?

Please contact the Dubai Student Services and Programme Administration Team on from your student email.

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