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Starting University is a busy and exciting time. Make sure you know what events you should attend for your course, and find other activities and events that you won't want to miss from across the University and the Student Association.

Welcome 2023

Information coming soon.

Please see our 2022 events below to get an idea of what to expect!

Welcome 2022

Programme Induction Timetable

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Monday 19 September 9am – 1pm Foundation Students

Monday 19 September 6pm - 9pm MSc Urban Planning / MSc Bio Informatics

Tuesday 20 September 9am – 1pm BSc Computer Science, BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Meng Computer Science and Software Engineering

Tuesday 20 September 1pm-4pm BEng Mechanical Engineering

Wednesday 21 September 9am-1pm BSc Accounting and Finance

Wednesday 21 September 12pm – 3pm BSc Management w YINI, w Economics, w Marketing, w Marketing with YINI, BSc Business Management with Psychology / BSc Economics / BSc Money Banking and Finance

Thursday 22 September 1pm – 4pm BSc Biomedical Sciences, BSc Psychology and BSc Psychology with Business Management

Saturday 24 September & Sunday 25 September - Postgraduate programme specific induction dates and times will be emailed to you by your academic team. Postgraduate students will also receive details of which of the weekend Welcome Induction talks to attend

Academic Skills Activities

Build your welcome week timetable: Welcome Events - University of Birmingham

Tuesday 20 September 9.30am – 10am Canvas Induction

Tuesday 20 September 10.30am – 12.30pm Present yourself with impact

Tuesday 20 September 1pm – 3.30pm Design thinking for innovation

Tuesday 20 September 3pm - 4pm Introduction to Digital Skills 

Tuesday 20 September 4pm – 5.30pm Academic Integrity

Wednesday 21 September 10am – 12pm Transitioning from school to university: Developing the autonomous learner

Wednesday 21 September 11.30am – 1pm Session 4

Wednesday 21 September 1pm – 2.30pm Academic Integrity

Wednesday 21 September 2pm - 3pm Introduction to Library Resources 

Wednesday 21 September 4pm – 4.30pm Canvas Induction

Thursday 22 September 12.30pm – 1pm Canvas Induction

Thursday 22 September 1.30pm – 4pm Design thinking for innovation

Thursday 22 September 10am – 12pm Transitioning from school to university: Developing the autonomous learner

Friday 23 September 2pm - 3pm Learning at University

Saturday 24 September 12pm – 1pm Present yourself with impact

Saturday 24 September 2.30pm – 3pm Canvas Induction

Sunday 25 September 12pm – 1pm Present yourself with impact

Sunday 25 September 2.30pm – 3pm Canvas Induction

Vice-Chancellor and Provost Welcome Address

Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address

The Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address is your formal welcome from the Principal of the University. Join us to celebrate our student community and find out more about what it means to be part of this global university.

For 2022 the Vice-Chancellor's Welcome Address will be a live event via online streaming to allow as many students as possible to attend, and from anywhere in the world. The Vice-Chancellor will welcome you to the University and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Details of the event are still being finalised and will be updated over the summer. 

Provost’s Welcome Address

The University of Birmingham Dubai Provost’s Welcome address is an in person welcome to the university and our community. Our Provost will share with you what it means to be a part of the University and the Dubai Campus and will introduce other key services and staff to tell you more about being a student at the University of Birmingham Dubai.

 The Provost address will take place during your UG or PG induction talk. You will also hear from colleagues in Student Experience and Wellbeing, Library and Academic Services, Careers, Student Engagement and Academic Regulations. 

Dates and Times of Provost’s Welcome Address*

Provost's Welcome Address to your timetable

Tuesday to Thursday  Undergraduate and Foundation Students  - Various Times

Saturday 24th September 1 PM (Postgraduate Students)

Sunday 25th September 1 PM (Postgraduate Students)

*All of the Welcome Addresses will take place in the auditorium 

Student Events

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1pm-5pm Hungarian Games and Giant Board Games (0409)

1:30pm-3pm Welcome to Dubai - Welcome event for year abroad students (Harvard Lecture Theatre)

4pm – 5.30pm The Big Quiz (location, The Spanish Steps)


11am-1pm Where in the world? Art and Craft activity (Ground floor Atrium)

1pm- 5pm Welcome Fair (Ground Floor)

4.30pm-6.30pm Student Leaders Board Game Café (Student Association Space)


11am-1pm Where in the world? Art and Craft activity (Ground floor Atrium)

6pm-8.30pm Cultural Dinner and trip to Al Seef (booking eventbrite)


11am-3pm PG Brunch


11am-3pm Postgraduate Brunch & Networking

11am-5pm IMG World (booking eventbrite)

Campus Tours throughout the week



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