Welcome events

Starting university is a busy and exciting time. Make sure you know what events you should attend for your course, and find other activities and events that you won't want to miss from across the university and the Student Association.

Welcome 2023

Programme induction timetable

Programme induction timetable
Monday 18 September Foundation students 9:30am - 1pm
Tuesday 19 September

BSc Economics and BSc Money, Banking and Finance 9am - 12pm

BSc Computer Science, BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, and MEng Computer Science and Software Engineering 9am - 12pm

BSc Psychology 2pm - 5pm

Wednesday 20 September

BSc Business Management 10am - 1pm

BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering and BSc Computer Engineering 11am - 2pm

Thursday 21 September

BSc Accounting and Finance 10am - 1pm

MSci Biomedical Science and BSc Biomedical Science 1pm - 4pm

LLM programmes 6pm - 8pm

MSc Marketing 6pm - 8pm

MSc Accounting and Finance 6pm - 8pm

Saturday 23 September

Education programmes 10am - 2pm

MSc Financial Management 10am - 12pm

MSc Financial Mathematics 10am - 12pm

MSc Computer Science, MSc/PGDip Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, MSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and MSc Data Science 10am - 1pm

MSc Construction Management, and MSc Advanced Engineering Management 11am - 2pm

MSc Human Resource Management 1pm - 3:30pm

MSc Supply Chain Management 2pm - 5pm

MSc Urban Planning 2:30pm - 5:30pm

MSc Advanced Practice in Healthcare 3:30pm - 6pm

Sunday 24 September

MSc Bioinformatics 10am - 12pm

MPH Public Health 10am - 12pm

MSc International Business 10am - 12pm

MSc Microbiology and Infection 10am - 12pm

MSc Health Data Science 10am - 12pm

Service inductions

When collecting your ID badge don’t forget to pick up a UoBD tote bag and bingo card. Attend service inductions and workshops to earn stamps on your bingo card, the more stamps you collect the better a prize you will earn! Collect all five stamps to win a whole goodybag of UoBD merch.

You are only required to attend one of each induction or workshop throughout the week. 

The UAE Ministry of Education requires all undergraduate students to undertake an Arabic language course during their higher education studies as a compulsory module. However, the university would like to acknowledge any prior learning in Arabic or your bilingual/native speaking level. Please fill out our form if you have any prior learning in Arabic or you are a non-Arabic speaker to provide evidence or sit an exam to assess your level. You only need to attend one of the Arabic exams strictly throughout the week.

Find out more about our Arabic module and acknowledgement of prior learning   

Service inductions
Monday 18 September

Canvas workshop 2pm - 3pm

Services induction 3pm - 4pm

Tuesday 19 September

Canvas workshop 9am - 10am

Services induction 12pm - 1pm

Careers workshop 1pm - 2pm

Transitioning to university workshop 2pm - 3pm

Wednesday 20 September

Services induction 9am - 10am

Introduction to Arabic 10am - 11am

Arabic exam 2pm - 3pm

Canvas workshop 3pm - 4pm

Thursday 21 September

Services induction 9am - 10am

Transitioning to university workshop 10am - 11am

Careers workshop 11am - 12pm

Canvas workshop 12pm - 1pm

Arabic exam 1pm - 2pm

Mobility welcome 2pm- 3pm

Cultural welcome 4pm - 5pm

Services induction 5pm - 6pm

Saturday 23 September

Services induction 9am - 10am

Careers workshop 12pm - 1pm

Services induction 1pm - 2pm

Canvas workshop 2pm - 3pm

Transitioning back to university workshop 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Sunday 24 September

Services induction 9am - 10am

Transitioning back to university workshop 12pm - 1pm

Careers workshop 1pm - 2pm

Canvas workshop 2pm - 3pm

Student events

The welcome zone will be in the atrium all week where you will be able to collect your ID card, meet the Wellbeing team, see the on-campus nurse, sign up for clubs and groups, and much more! 

Student events
Monday 18 September

Pool competition 11am - 1pm

Popcorn and pizza at the pictures 4pm - 6pm

IKEA and Carrefour trip 4:30pm - 7:30pm 

Tuesday 19 September

Board game cafe 10am - 3pm

VR and gaming zone 11am - 3pm

Wellbeing pod activities 11am - 3pm

Wednesday 20 September

Provost's breakfast 9am - 11am

Welcome fair 11am - 5pm

Puregym trial class 1pm - 2pm

Cinema 1pm - 8pm

Thursday 21 September

Big student quiz 2pm - 3:30pm

Wellbeing pod activities 11am - 3pm

Welcome back 12pm - 4pm

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cultural Centre trip 5pm - 8pm

Friday 22 September

Scavenger hunt 10:30am - 12pm

Students fuseball competition 10am - 12pm

Saturday 23 September

Wellbeing pod activities 11am - 3pm

Giant games 11am - 6pm

VR and gaming zone 11am - 6pm

Sunday 24 September

VR and gaming zone 11am - 6pm

Aquaventure water park trip 9am - 6pm

ampus tours will be taking place throughout the week.

Further events to be confirmed!

Drop-in appointment

If you would like a one-to-one appointment with one of our services come along on Friday for our drop in day. Head to the Student Hub on the first floor to complete the enquiry form and wait in the cafe for a consultant to see you.  

The following services will be available for one-to-one appointments on Friday 22 September 9am - 12pm:

  • Student Programme Administration
  • Library Services
  • Careers Service
  • Mobility Officer
  • Wellbeing Service
  • Admissions Team

Vice-Chancellor's and Provost's welcome address

Vice-Chancellor's welcome address

The Vice-Chancellor's welcome address is your formal welcome from the Principal of the university. Join us to celebrate our student community and find out more about what it means to be part of this global university.

For 2023 the Vice-Chancellor's welcome address will be a live event via online streaming to allow as many students as possible to attend, and from anywhere in the world. The Vice-Chancellor will welcome you to the university and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Details of the event are still being finalised and will be updated over the summer.

Create your welcome schedule

Search your course to find your programme induction then build your welcome week with fun social activities and informative workshops. Attend service inductions and workshops to earn yourself UoBD merchandise, and enter competitions for the chance at winning prizes! When creating your schedule, filter by Dubai events and be sure to read the description for the event, some trips require booking and payment to confirm your space. Once you’ve created your timetable export it for a handy reminder of everything going on throughout the week.

Build your schedule
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