Planned Cities, Engineered Cities

Birmingham Business School, Room G05
Lectures Talks and Workshops
Thursday 25th June 2015 (10:00-16:00)
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WORKSHOP LEADER(S): Professors John R. Bryson,  Miles Tight, and Dr Phil Jones.

The workshop will draw together disparate strands of academic research in Birmingham and beyond which focuses on cities and urban area to facilitate cross-campus understanding of research interests in this area, particularly on potential links between Engineering and the Social Sciences.

The workshop will cover a range of cross-cutting themes, new technologies and big data. Potential themes include:

Underground cities
Roads, motorised transport
Walking, people, liveable cities
Air quality
Building and Design
Smart Cities
Parks and Open Spaces
Health and health care
Leisure and recreation and mega events
Security and resilience
Low Carbon cities

To register to attend this workshop please email Sarah Jeffery.