Legislating Conversion Therapy

Zoom - registration required
Thursday 24 February 2022 (13:00-14:00)
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Conversion therapy is a highly controversial and contested issue in contemporary society, with long-standing calls both for its criminalisation and its retention. Our role as Universities is to facilitate meaningful and illuminating debate about the myriad of ethical, legal, religious, political, societal, and other perspectives on this issue. The event will bring together voices from multiple perspectives in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands to exchange views and to examine the nuances around conversion therapy in the context of current narratives.

The fourth webinar of this Festival will be hosted by student ambassadors and will offer you a panel discussion with some inspiring panellists like Dr Adam Jowett, Associate Head of School at Coventry University, mr drs Cobie Groenendijk, psychiatrist & psychoanalytic therapist, Dr Marco Derks, scholar of religion, sexuality and gender, R. Douglas Elliot, Partner at Cambridge LLP, and Wielie Elhorst, minister of two parishes in the Protestant Church and Christian LGBT activist.

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