A walk through queer history

Aston Webb Reception - Edgbaston Campus
Monday 6 February 2023 (11:30-13:00)

Sally Brooks

A walk through queer history:  Rose Sidgwick and memory at the University of Birmingham

A walking tour across the Edgbaston campus, with brief talks revealing the lives of Rose Sidgwick and Margery Fry and their significance to, queer history, internationalism,  and gender. It asks: how have we remembered these figures?

This event will look at the life and times of Rose Sidgwick, who was a History lecturer until her early death in 1918, and her partner, Margery Fry, a warden and founder of the University’s hostel for women.

The walking tour will be led by leading academics in the areas of queer identity, queer history, gender and memory, internationalism and more. You will find out more about the life and work of Rose and Margery and uncover some of their hidden history, from a romantic birdbath to a surprising inscription in the Great Hall. We will ask: how should Rose Sidgwick and Margery Fry be remembered in the 21st century?

Meet at the Aston Webb reception to start the walking tour

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