Exoplanets and the habitable zone (Year 10 & 11)

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 23 March 2022 (13:00-15:00)

Event capacity: 30

Year group: 10 and 11

Subject(s): Astronomy

Attendee requirements: None

About: This masterclass will start with a short talk about stars and exoplanets (planets orbiting stars other than the Sun). Students will then be given instructions on how to simulate their own planet and understand hands-on how to detect a planet. The planet will be made in playdough and made to pass in front of a "star" made of paper, as seen by a webcam. The webcam will draw a graph showing the type of signals we use to detect exoplanets.

Additional information: School bookings only. Please note you may not be allocated all the places you request depending on availability.

How to book: Booking requests should be made using the relevant booking form on the Masterclasses programme page.

To find out more about any of the masterclasses, please email masterclass@bham.contacts.ac.uk.

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