Try a new language! (Session 2, Years 9-11)

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 22 March 2023 (13:00-15:00)

Class capacity: 200

Year group: 9-11 

Subject: Modern Languages

Attendee requirements: None

About: Why are languages useful for your future? In what ways could languages improve your employability or allow you to meet new people? What are the different ways to carry on with a language at university? Participants may be studying a modern language now, like French, German or Spanish, but Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese or Russian are languages in demand and can be studied from scratch at university level. This masterclass will enable students to try their hand at learning something new, beginning with a talk on the advantages of studying Modern Languages at degree level, followed by the opportunity to sample two different languages from the list above.

Additional information: School bookings only. Please note that depending on availability, you may not be allocated all the places you request.

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