Leaders in Law Lecture: Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman

The Legal Ombudsman: An Affront to the Rule of Law?

Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman and Chief Executive

Tuesday 7th October 2014, 6-7pm, Birmingham Law School

Adam's distinguished career in the public and voluntary services has included diverse roles such as: Junior Dean at Brasenose College, Oxford; London probation officer; and Deputy Director of the Prison Reform Trust. He joined the Home Office as Assistant Prisons Ombudsman, before returning to the voluntary sector as Chief Executive of national drugs chartiy RAPt, followed by seven years as Chief Executive of Shelter.

The Legal Ombudsman's role was set up in 2010 to investigate consumer complaints about the legal service they have received from their lawyer. Ombudsman schemes by their nature are designed to be informal, providing both consumer and lawyer with a relatively quick way for their complaint to be assessed by an independent body. Adam will look at the challenge of maintaining a quick and informal resolution service, whilst at the same time working as part of the formal legal system.

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