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Macclesfield YMCA: minutes, 1923-42. Finding No: YMCA

Malvern and District Church Missionary Association: minutes, 1911-25. Finding No: CMS/ACC373

Mandeville Press: publications and correspondence, 1970s. Finding No: MP

Mid Africa Ministry: records, 1914-95. Finding No: MAM

Midland Association of Mountaineers: records, 1922-2000. Finding No: MAOM

Midland Counties Amateur Athletics Association: records, 1900-1991. Finding No: ATH/MCAAA

Midland Counties Cross-Country Association: papers, 1898-1985. Finding No: ATH/MCCCA

Midland Counties Women’s Amateur Athletic Association: records, 1949-[1980s]. Finding No: ATH/MCWAAA

Midland Masters Athletic Club: Finding No: ATH

Midlands Mathematical Experiment: correspondence and papers, 1962-66. Finding No: MS218

Midland Union of Conservative Associations: correspondence of officers, 1888-1944. Finding No: MUCA

Missionary Leaves Association: records, 1871-1920. Finding No: MLA

Monumental Brass Society: records, minutes, publications and other records, 1887-2015; collections of rubbings of brasses in the UK and elsewhere and associated papers, late 19th-20th century Finding No: MBS


National Association of Girls Clubs and Mixed Clubs see UK Youth

National Association of Teachers of the Deaf see British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

National Association of Youth Clubs see UK Youth

National Christian Education Council: records, 1810-1999. Finding No: NCEC

National College of Teachers of the Deaf see British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

National Council of Girls' Clubs see UK Youth

National Organisation of Girls Clubs see UK Youth

National Sunday School Union see National Christian Education Council

New Shakespeare Company: records, 1937-2013. Finding No: DSH1

Nicholson & Co Ltd, organ builders: correspondence, 1928-39. Finding No: BOA

Norman & Beard of Norwich, organ builders: order books, drawings, pipe scale books, 19th-20th cent. Finding No: BOA

Norris & Sons, solicitors of Liverpool: papers principally relating to the title to Matacong Island, West Africa, 1825-1901. Finding No: MI

North Liverpool YMCA: minutes, 1888-1936. Finding No: YMCA

North London Auxiliary Sunday School Union: minutes and annual reports, 1845-1923. Finding No: LCEC

Northampton YMCA Rambling and Cycling Clubs: log book of activities and printed materials relating to local associations, 1878-1913. Finding No: YMCA/ACC48

Northern Counties Women’s Amateur Athletic Association: records, 1933-1989. Finding No: ATH/NCWAAA

Northern Cross-Country Association: records, 1906-1983. Finding No: ATH/NCCA

Northern Women’s Track and Field League: records, 1982-1983. Finding No: ATH/NWTFL

Noterman & Co of London, organ builders: records, 1970-75. Finding No: BOA

Nurses' Christian Movement: records, 1905-67. Finding No: DA31

Nurses' Missionary League see Nurses Christian Movement

Nurses' Missionary Union see Nurses Christian Movement


Osmond & Co of Taunton (formerly J. E. Minns & Co), organ builders: accounts, 1890-1934. Finding No: BOA



Paignton YMCA: minutes, 1946-70. Finding No: YMCA

Pendlebury Organ Co of Leigh (Lancs), organ builders: register of organs built, 1899-1993. Finding No: BOA

Penrith YMCA: minutes, 1889-1964. Finding No: YMCA

Pinder House, Skipton: photographs, cuttings and ephemera relating to Pinder House events and holidays, 1995-2013. Finding No: YMCA/ACC59

Pipecraft of Norfolk, organ pipe makers: pipe scale charts, 1967. Finding No: BOA


Renaissance Theatre Company: records, 1986-92. Finding No: DSH2

Rochdale YMCA: minutes, 1942-52. Finding No: YMCA

Rotherham and District Sunday School Union: records, 1946-63. Finding No: LCEC

Royal Institute of Public Administration: records, 1923-83. Finding No: RIPA

Rural District Councils Association: records, 1895-1974. Finding No: RDCA