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  • Badly, John (fl 1802-03): surgery case book, 1802-1803. Finding No: MS715

  • Baggs, Mabel Constance (1898-1984), CMS missionary:

    photographs, books and other papers, 1900-1974. Finding No: CMS/ACC449;

    copy of reminiscences during internment in Japan, 1941-1945. Finding No: CMS/ACC475;

    printed material and photographs, 1940s-1970s. Finding No: CMS/ACC547

  • Bagot, Charlotte Anne Philippina (1835-1925) (nee Pearse): diaries, 1852-1925. Finding No: MS51

  • Baker, Slade (fl 1815-40), solicitor, of Bewdley, Worcestershire: business correspondence, 1785-1842. Finding No: SB

  • Balchin, Nigel Marlin (1908-1970), author: screenplay, 1946. Finding No: MS615

  • Bandinel, James Julius Frederick (1845-1912): letter book, 1894-1895.Finding No: MS563

  • Bandinel, Julia Marian (1859-1950): personal diary, including travels and visits, 1878-96. Finding No: MS563

  • Bantock, Sir Granville Ransome (1868-1946), composer: music manuscripts, 1888-1946. Finding No: GB;

    correspondence with Josef Holbrooke, 1900-40. Finding No: MS79;

    letters to his son, Raymond, 1911-30. Finding No: MS140

    letters to Ernest Newman, 1899-1920s. Finding No: MS182

  • Bantock, Herman Sutherland (1874-1965), musician: papers, 1885-1974. Finding No: MS33

  • Bantock, Raymond Robert Marcus (b 1900):

    letters from Josef Holbrooke and other papers, 1940s-50s. Finding No: MS63;

    letters from his father, the composer, Granville Bantock, 1911-30. Finding No: MS140

  • Barber, Lady Martha Constance Hattie (1869-1933), benefactress and founder of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts: letters from Joane M. B. Stevens, The White House, Eynsham, Oxfordshire concerning the history of Culham Court, with associated research notes. Finding No: LAdd/6366-6370

  • Baring-Gould, Edith see Gould, Edith Baring-

  • Barker, Alan Clayton: letters, forms of regret and acceptance for meetings and dinners, and Christmas cards from Neville and Anne Chamberlain. Retained by Alan Clayton Barker in his role as Secretary of the Midland Union of Conservative Associations (MUCA). Finding No: MS884

  • Barling, Edith Madge (b c 1888): letters to her and her father, Gilbert Barling, 1927-33. Finding No: EB

  • Barnes, Ernest William (1874-1953), Bishop of Birmingham: correspondence and papers, 1888-1953. Finding No: EWB

  • Barrett, Eaton Stannard (1786-1820), writer and poet: poetry, c 1809. Finding No: MS8

  • Barrington, Kincot (fl 1688): sermons, 1688. Finding No: MS375

  • Bartleet, Edwin (1802-1876), surgeon: certificates of medical qualifications, 1824-25. Finding No: MS764

  • Bartleett, Thomas Hiron (1837-1891), surgeon: certificates of medical qualifications, 1856-61. Finding No: MS764

  • Bartlett, Lavinia F. (fl c 1850), wife of Charles Bartlett: diary of travels in France and Italy, 1850-1851. Finding No: MS447

  • Bartram, Reginald Swayne (1864-1930), Anglican clergyman: family, personal and business papers, 1885-1930. Finding No: MS103

  • Baskerville, George Knyfton (1867-1941), CMS missionary: typescript of journal, 1891-92. Finding No: CMS/ACC917

  • Batley, Dorothea Sibella (1878-1943), CMS missionary: papers, 1912-43. Finding No: CMS/ACC572

  • Batley, Sybil Kathleen (1897-1978), MBE, MRCS, LRCP, medical missionary: papers and photographs, dated 1926-1987, predominantly concerning Dr Batley’s work as Superintendent of Iyi Enu Hospital, Onitsha (Church Mission Society Niger Mission) and arising from the period when she was CMS Regional Medical Adviser for West Africa. Finding No: CMSACC/1007

  • Baumgardt, David (1890-1963), Professor of Philosophy: papers. Finding No: DA64

  • Bayard family of London and New York: legal papers, correspondence and other papers, 1585-1915. Finding No: MS83

  • Beake, Fred (b 1948), writer: literary and personal papers, c 1965-2000. Finding No: MS226

  • Beale, Charles Gabriel (1843-1912), solicitor, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham 1900-1912: illuminated scroll giving Alderman Beale the Honorary Freedom of the City of Birmingham, 1912. Finding No: MS794

  • Bedingfeld, Charlotte, Lady (1770-1854) nee Jerningham: family correspondence and journals, 1776-1833. Finding No: JER

  • Beke, Charles Tilstone (1800-1874), Abyssinian explorer: papers, c1830-91. Finding No: MS510

  • Belcher, James (fl 1793), printer and bookseller, of Birmingham: diary, 1793. Finding No: MS562

  • Bellamy, Sister Evelyn (fl 1924-76), missionary: papers, 1924-76. Finding No: MS753

  • Benedict, Georgina (fl 1853): journal and exercise books, 1853. Finding No: MS811

  • Benham, Gilbert (fl 1920s-1950s), organ scholar: glass plate negatives of organ consoles, mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA

  • Bennett, George D. (fl 1953-72), CMS missionary: papers, 1953-72. Finding No: CMS/ACC29

  • Bennett, Peter Frederick Blaker (1880-1957), MP and industrialist: personal, political, and business papers, 1930-85. Finding No: MS1

  • Benton family of Old Hill, Staffordshire: family letters, principally relating to the Second World War, 1920s-70s. Finding No: MS759

  • Bergonzi, Bernard (b 1929), author: collected papers relating to David Lodge, 1972-2003. Finding No: MS171

  • Bernau, John Henry (fl 1841-57), CMS missionary: papers, 1841-57. Finding No: CMS/ACC30

  • Bertram, Mary (1905-1981), CMS missionary: papers, 1940-50. Finding No: CMS/ACC505

  • Bidlake, Eric (1905-1936): album presented to him by friend, Lew Lake, as a memento of England and the YMCA on his emigration to the USA, 1931. Finding No: YMCA/ACC39

  • Binks, Joe (1874-1966), athlete and athletics commentator: papers, 1920s-1950s. Finding No: ATH/JB

  • Bishop, Eric Francis Fox (1891-1976), CMS missionary: papers, 1928-76. Finding No: CMS/ACC389

  • Blackmore, Edward (1824-1900), shipmaster and engineer: journal, 1845-46. Finding No: MS3

  • Blackwood family of Wallingford, Berkshire: First World War postcards and ephemera, including postcards from E. Blackwood on active service in Belgium and France, [1837]-1916. Finding No: MS887

  • Blandford, Henry (fl 1846): specimens of penmanship, 1846. Finding No: MS629

  • Blewett, Richard R. (b 1881) of Redruth, Cornwall: papers relating to his research into surname distribution in Cornwall, 1950s. Finding No: MS240

  • Blunt, Charles (1800-1864), diplomat: official and private correspondence, 1836-50. Finding No: MS46

  • Blunt, Fanny Janet (b c 1839-1926) nee Sandison: writings and personal papers, 1881-1930. Finding No: MS46

  • Blunt, Sir John Elijah (1832-1916), diplomat: personal and official papers and correspondence, 1852-1916. Finding No: MS46

  • Blyth, George Francis Popham (1832-1914), CMS missionary, Bishop of Jerusalem 1887-1904: correspondence and other papers, 1898-1912. Finding No: CMS/ACC386

  • Bonnell family: copies of letters, 1701-82. Finding No: MS410

  • Booth, Martin (1944-2004), poet: literary and personal papers, 1958-2004. Finding No: MB

  • Bowden, Lorna Alberta (fl 1921-53), CMS missionary: personal papers, diaries and photographs, 1922-53. Finding No: CMS/ACC296

  • Bowlby, Alfred Elliott (1850-1950), CMS missionary: oil painting and group photograph, 1890. Finding No: CMS/ACC575

  • Boyle, William John (1830-1915): diaries, 1854-1915. Finding No: MS118

  • Bracey, Charles James (1838-1887) of Birmingham, surgeon: account of a journey to the West Indies, 1885. Finding No: MS345

  • Braddock, Albert Percy (b 1877): personal papers relating to his involvement with the YMCA's education scheme for the armed forces in France, 1918-19. Finding No: YMCA/ACC15

  • Bradshaw, Robert Haldane (fl 1782-1833), MP of Worsley, Manchester: correspondence and other papers, 1782-1823. Finding No: MS65

  • Braithwaite, Margaret Mary (1910-1986) nee Masterman, writer: literary and family papers, 1887-1940s. Finding No: MS122

  • Brandreth, Hilda of Smethwick, Birmingham (fl 1951): a personal letter including reference to the behaviour of University of Birmingham students during carnival week, 1951: Finding No: LAdd/6392

  • Bray family of Stratton, Cornwall: letters to Mrs A. Bray, Miss Margaret Bray and Miss Amanda Bray, 1828-80. Finding No: MS186

  • Brereton, William (fl 1875-c 1900), CMS missionary: papers, 1875-96. Finding No: CMS/ACC1

  • Bridgeman, Charlotte Anne (d 1858), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Bradford: diary, 1846-47. Finding No: MS204

  • Bridges, William (fl mid 17th century): sermons, mid 17th century. Finding No: MS427

  • Bridgewater, Ernest Leslie (1893-1975), composer: manuscript music scores of compositions; published scores, c 1930-70. Finding No: LB

  • Brighty, Mary Ellen (fl 1874-1963), CMS missionary: personal papers 1874-1957. Finding No: CMS/ACC113

  • Britton, Jasper (b 1962), actor: Britton's personal annotated copies of scripts for plays in which he has acted (Collection held at the Shakespeare Institute Library). Finding No: DSH26

  • Brodie, David (fl 1866-1923), CMS missionary: papers, 1866-1923. Finding No: CMS/ACC23

  • Bromwich family of Bromwich Castle: armorial roll, c 1650-1800. Finding No: MS297

  • Brooke, Graham Wilmot- (1865-1892), CMS missionary: papers, 1883-92. Finding No: CMS/ACC82

  • Brown, Alec (1900-1962), poet: papers, 20th century. Finding No: MS100

  • Brown, Leslie Wilfrid (1912-1999), CMS missionary: printed papers, correspondence and notes, 1920-77. Finding No: CMS/ACC385

  • Brown, Thomas (fl 1785-96), rector of Tideswell, Derbyshire: diaries, 1785-96. Finding No: MS509

  • Bryce family of Birmingham: commonplace book with watercolour drawings, c 1846-53. Finding No: MS74

  • Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton (1762-1837), English bibliographer and genealogist: sonnets, 1836. Finding No: MS699

  • Buckland, Elvina MarieRose (1891-1979), CMS missionary: papers and photographs, 1947-50. Finding No: CMS/ACC421

  • Bull, Lilian (fl 1928-53), CMS missionary: photographs and other papers, 1928-43. Finding No: CMS/ACC127

  • Bunce, John Thackray (1828-1899): letters and manuscripts collected by him and personal and family papers, 1546-1896. Finding No: BU

  • Burcher, Frances Sarah (fl early 19th century): commonplace book of poems and verses, early 19th century. Finding No: MS136

  • Burden, Charles (1881-1960), CMS missionary: papers, 1907-25. Finding No: CMS/ACC406

  • Burland, John Burland Harris- (1870-1926), scholar and author: notebook, c 1901-25. Finding No: MS393

  • Burn, John Henry (fl 1870s), clergyman and organ scholar: notebooks, c 1874-75. Finding No: BOA

  • Burton, E. (fl 1819-21) of Birmingham: journal, 1819-21. Finding No: MS783

  • Bushnell, George Herbert (Bert) (fl 1903-61): papers relating to war service, c 1903-21. Finding No: MS212

  • Busoni, Ferrucio (1866-1924), Italian composer:

    letters, 1912-24. Finding No: MS16;

    newscuttings and photographs, 1918-53. Finding No: MS444

  • Butler, Charles (1750-1832), English lawyer and writer: lecture notes, c 1830. Finding No: MS684

  • Butterfield, Roland Potter (b c 1875), CMS missionary: personal and official papers relating to his service as a missionary and his career as a clergyman, c 1885-1965.  Finding No: CMS/ACC920

  • Bythell, John William (d 1851), solicitor of Shrewsbury: collections of his poetry, cuttings, broadsheets made by Edward Edwards of Shropshire, 1825-51. Finding No: MS144