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  • Salt family of Birmingham: commonplace book, with watercolour drawings, c 1846-53. Finding No: MS74
  • Sampson, Miss (fl 1827-54): commonplace book, 1827-54. Finding No: MS749
  • Sanford, Percy Gerald (1862-1912): notes on medical and physiological subjects, 1792-1880. Finding No: MS763
  • Sargant, Norman Carr (b 1909), Methodist missionary and Bishop of Mysore: papers relating to mission work in South India and to the Church of South India, 1911-81. Finding No: DA36
  • Sayell, Margaret Katie (fl 1925-40), CMS missionary: photographs and other papers, 1925-40. Finding No: CMS/ACC368
  • Sayer, Michael (1934-2010), organist and organ historian: collection of papers and cuttings from rare newspapers, late 19th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Schnadhorst, Francis (1840-1900), Liberal politician:
    scrap albums and addresses, 1886-1912. Finding No: MS18
    correspondence and papers, 1867-1901. Finding No: MS170
  • Schneider, H. Peter (1928-1982), clergyman: papers relating to Jewish-Christian relations, 1960s-70s. Finding No: DA37
  • Schon, James Frederick (fl 1802-93), CMS missionary:
    papers relating to translation work, 1850-93. Finding No: CMS/ACC78;
    family papers, 1840-1938. Finding No: CMS/ACC726
  • Scott, James Avit (fl 1940s): medical notebooks and paper, 1940s. Finding No: MS712
  • Scudamore, Edward (1741-1813), MD, surgeon of Canterbury: Manuscript notes comprising translations into English of extracts of works on insects by René Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur, [18th cent]. Finding no: LAdd/6388-6391
  • Scull, Harold Thomas (1898-1971), organist: specification notebooks and cathedral notebooks, early 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Selwyn, George Theodore (1887-1957), CMS missionary, Bishop in Tinnevelly 1945-53: photographs and other papers, 1907-64. Finding No: CMS/ACC395
  • Senhouse, Roger Henry Pocklington (1899-1970), publisher and bibliophile:
    personal papers, 20th century. Finding No: MS314
    notebook, mid 20th century. Finding No: MS319
  • Senhouse family: papers, 1731-1966. Finding No: MS314
  • Seward, Anna (1747-1809), author: miscellaneous letters. Finding No: AS
  • Seymour, Frances, Duchess of Somerset (1699-1754), poet, letter writer and patron of the arts: letter book, 1748-54. Finding No: MS745
  • Shaw, Archibald (1879-1956), Archdeacon, CMS missionary in Sudan:
    correspondence and journals, 1905-30. Finding No: CMS/ACC111
    photographs, 1908-40. Finding No: CMS/ACC398
  • Shaw, Archibald Downes- (1857-1939), Anglican clergyman and CMS missionary:
    account of journey, 1877. Finding No: MS12
    papers, 1880-89. Finding No: CMS/ACC36
  • Shaw, Charles Lawrence (1886-1965), CMS missionary, Canon of Bombay 1940-1950: diaries and other papers, 1912-59. Finding No: CMS/ACC162
  • Shaw, Lilian Compigne (1884-1954) nee Guildford, CMS missionary: diaries and other papers, 1914 and 1929. Finding No: CMS/ACC162
  • Shaw family of Wolverhampton: correspondence between John Shaw, travelling salesman and his wife Elizabeth, 1805-39. Finding No: SHAW
  • Sherborne, Veronica (1922-1990), teacher of physical education and physiotherapist: publications, articles, research papers, photographs, videos, films and slides, 1950s-90s. Finding No: MS48
  • Shipton, W. Edwyn (b c 1826), Secretary of the City of London YMCA: diary, 1889. Finding No: YMCA/ACC1
  • Shiskin, Nikolai Pavlovich (fl 1863-97): papers and literary manuscripts, 1863-97. Finding No: SP
  • Shuckburgh, Sir Charles Arthur Evelyn (1909-1994), civil servant and diplomat: Diaries, correspondence and papers, 1926-95. Finding No: MS191
  • Shuttleworth, Lawrence (1545-1608), clergyman: sermons, c 1585. Finding No: MS451
  • Sicard, Harald von (d 1973): research papers, 1920s-70s. Finding No: DA68
  • Sills, Alfred (1880-1937), CMS missionary: correspondence, notes and sermons, photographs, 1920s-30s. Finding No: CMS/ACC548
  • Simmons, Blanch (fl 1889-90), daughter of General Sir John Lintorn Arabin Simmons: journal as companion to her father, 1889-90. Finding No: MS25
  • Simon family of Breslau: correspondence and other papers of and relating to Heinrich Simon of Breslau (1805-1860) and his family, 1807-1866. Finding No: HS
  • Simpson, Colin J. (1929-2011), athlete and athletics administrator: papers, 1945-1990. Finding No: ATH/CS
  • Sitwell, Edith (1887-1964): poems and other papers relating to the literary work of the Sitwells, 1922-30. Finding No: MS671
  • Skirrow, Emily (fl 1841-88), wife of Walter Skirrow QC: travel journal, 1863-88. Finding No: MS11
  • Slaney, Robert Aglionby (1792-1862), politician and social reformer:
    journals and notebooks, 1815-54. Finding No: RAS
    letters, 1825-64. Finding No: EYT
  • Slaney family of Shropshire: compilation of genealogical and printed materials, correspondence and other papers relating to the history of Shropshire. Finding No: SL
  • Smith, G. L (fl 1900-1919) clergyman: bound typescript entitled, 'War journals
    England 1918-1919 and other papers' written by Reverend Smith. Finding No: MS869
  • Smith, Henry John Lane- (fl 1870-1962), CMS missionary: papers, 1901-38. Finding No: CMS/ACC33
  • Smith, John (1781-1855), art dealer: letters, 1837-[mid-19th century]. Finding No: MS138
  • Smith, Joshua Toulmin (1816-1869) of London, writer, publicist and lawyer: letters, 1863-67. Finding No: MS336
  • Smith, R. A. (fl 1865), schoolboy: diary, 1865. Finding No: MS88
  • Smith, (Rodney) Gipsy (b 1860), evangelist and YMCA war worker: papers, 1916-21. Finding No: YMCA/ACC2
  • Smith, Sidney Richard (1873-1946), CMS missionary: correspondence and photographs, 1895-1945. Finding No: CMS/ACC579
  • Smith family: journal of a visit to France, 1824. Finding No: MS529
  • Smyth, James (fl 1793-1820) of Quickswood, Hertfordshire: accounts, 1793-1820. Finding No: MS283
  • Soloveytchik, George (b 1902), financier, journalist and author: papers, principally printed, relating to his activities in and support of the British movement against Bolshevism during the Russian civil war, 1911-21. Finding No: MS19
  • Somerset, Raglan Horatio Edwyn Henry (1885-1956), journalist, translator and literary critic: poetry, mid 20th century. Finding No: RS
  • Sommerfield,  John, 1908-1991, writer: literary and personal papers predominantly relating to Sommerfield's literary career, includes a letter from Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) and notebooks in which Sommerfield records observations and recollections of his time volunteering with the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War and whilst on active service with the RAF in World War Two. Finding No: MS873
  • Sonnenschein, Edward Adolf, 1851-1929, classical scholar: Papers gathered together by Dr Christopher Stray based on work on Edward Adolf Sonnenschein including copies of reports and articles by Sonnenschein, typed transcripts of letters by Sonnenschein, bibliographical lists, and offprints of articles about Sonnenschein, 1909-2016. Finding No: MS922
  • Spalding, Henry Norman (1877-1953): research papers, 1920-40. Finding No: DA40
  • Spalding, Kenneth Jay (1879-1962): research papers, 1920-40. Finding No: DA40
  • Sperling, John Hanson (1825-1894), Anglican clergyman and antiquary: microform copies of note books relating to organs, mid 19th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Spriggs, Emily Ruth (fl 1897-1904), CMS missionary: journal letters and photographs, 1897-1904. Finding No: CMS/ACC172
  • Spurr, Antony (1912-1982), CMS missionary: journal transcripts, 1939-49. Finding No: CMS/ACC419
  • Squire, Sir John Collings (1884-1958), writer and journalist: literary manuscripts, 1900s-50s. Finding No: JS
  • Stapleton, Harold, 1903-1989, businessman: photographs, printed materials, correspondence and personalia collected by, and relating to, Harold Stapleton. Relates to his war service in Algiers, 1944, and his involvement with the YMCA Centenary Club in Rome, 1945. Finding No: YMCA/ACC65
  • Stafford, Lady Susannah (1745-1805): letters to her daughter, Charlotte, Duchess of Beaufort, 1774-1805. Finding No: STA
  • Stanley, Edith Patricia (1919-2009), nurse: papers relating to her relief work with Palestinian refugees at a Church Missionary Society hospital in the Gaza strip, 1927-2009. Finding No: CMS/ACC925
  • Stansfield, Thomas Wolrich (1829-1910), Lt-General: journal as a major in the Indian army, 1871-78. Finding No: MS526
  • Stanton, William (Bill) Graham (1917-1999), author and radio playwright: script of radio documentary drama entitled 'Young Joey', 1968. Finding No: JCLAdd/623
  • Staunton, John (fl 1870s): collection of printed and manuscript poems, hymns and psalms, 1870s. Finding No: MS149
  • Stephen, Dorothea Jane (fl 1927-50), missionary in India: correspondence and papers, 1927-mid 20th century. Finding No: DA53
  • Stephenson, Edwin (fl 1893-1919): cuttings relating to musical career, 1893-1919. Finding No: MS775
  • Stern, Gladys Bronwyn (1890-1973), writer: revised typescript of the play, 'The Matriarch'. Finding No: MS842
  • Stevens, Charles (b 1852) of Lewisham, clerk: diary, 1889. Finding No: MS106
  • Stock, Eugene (1836?1928), administrator with and historian of the CMS: letter to Mr Chapman, 1902. Finding No: CMS/ACC918
  • Stone, Marjorie Anne Elizabeth (b 1908), CMS missionary: papers, 1950-77. Finding No: CMS/ACC559
  • Strangways, Pauline Mary (fl 1875): commonplace book, c 1875. Finding No: MS495
  • Stroelin, Emilie (fl 1881-1916), CMS and CEZMS missionary: personal letters and photographs, 1900-16. Finding No: CMS/ACC292
  • Strong, George (fl 1848-67), antiquary: research notes on history of Herefordshire, 1846-95. Finding No: MS340
  • Stubbs, Dorothy (1882-1976), CMS missionary: photographs, 1900-54. Finding No: CMS/ACC396
  • Sumner, H. (fl late 18th century): commonplace book containing Latin verse by English authors, late 18th century. Finding No: MS321
  • Swain, Joseph Harold (1898-1974): papers, including relating to his war, 1914-45. Finding No: MS199
  • Swanzy, Henry Valentine (b 1915), editor and broadcaster: correspondence, principally to the BBC radio programme Caribbean Voices, 1945-56. Finding No: MS42
  • Sweetman, James Windrow (d 1966), Professor of Islamics: research and other papers, 1930-59. Finding No: DA42
  • Swingler, Randall (1909-1967) poet and communist: personal, literary and family papers, 1890s-2005. Finding No: MS835
  • Symons, W. G. (Christopher) (fl 1930s-60s): papers, 1930s-60s. Finding No: DA43