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Tadema, Sir Lawrence Alma- (1836-1912), painter:
photographs, drawings and prints, c 1860- . Finding No: AT;
letters to Sir George Henschel and others, 1877-91. Finding No: ATL;
miscellaneous collection of letters, 1871-1913. Finding No: ATLAdd

Tatham, Irene Winifred, CMS missionary nurse: scrapbook of a trip to Florence in July 1938, and an album of photographs and verse presented to Ms Tatham on her retirement as Principal of 'Foxbury', the Church Missionary Society’s training college for women, June 1957. Finding No: CMS/ACC1001

Tatham, Wilfred George (1898-1978), athlete: papers, 1908-1960. Finding No: ATH/WGT

Taylor, Frank, b 1911, artist and calligrapher: calligraphic works by Frank Taylor and other material collected by him relating to calligraphy. Finding No: MS891

Taylor, G. B: organ specification and other notebooks, mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA

Telfer, W. P. (fl 1913-14) of Rusholme, Manchester: diaries and newscuttings, 1913-14. Finding No: MS202

Thacker, Martin Meredith (1911-2008): Letter, 1936, with transcript. Finding No: LAdd/6407-6408

Thiebault, Harriet (b c 1793) nee Thayer: letters, 1816-60. Finding No: MS62

Thomas, Frederick William (1869-1956), orientalist: manuscripts of lectures, published works, late 19th-20th centuries. Finding No: FWT

Thomas, Harold Beken (1888-1971), colonial administrator and historian: papers relating to his role on the CMS Africa Committee, 1945-71, and CMS Executive Committee, 1946-66. Finding No: CMS/ACC374

Thomas, Lilian Amanda, sister of Frederick William Thomas (1869-1956), orientalist: literary papers, late 19th-early 20th centuries. Finding No: MS299

Thomas, Dr Philip, athletics administrator and coach: papers, [c 1900]-[late 20th century]. Finding No: ATH/PT

Thomas, Vaughan (1775-1858), Anglican clergyman, antiquary and philanthropist: papers relating to Queen's Hospital and Queen's College, 1834-58. Finding No: VT

Thompson, Benjamin, Count von Rumford (1753-1814), scientist: transcript of travel journal made by Lady Palmerston, wife of 2nd Lord Palmerston, 1801. Finding No: MS481

Thompson, H. P. (fl 1893), schoolboy: diary, 1893. Finding No: MS75

Thompson, Pat, Professor (1920-2009), political historian: correspondence between Joseph Chamberlain and John Morley, biographer of William Gladstone, 1875-1892; correspondence between Austen Chamberlain and John Morley, 1914-1915; and two electoral ledgers which include details of the parties, and individuals, holding each parliamentary seat in England, Scotland and Wales. Papers cover [1860s]-1994. Finding No: MS881

Thomson, Allen (1809-1884), anatomist and embryologist: essays, c 1827. Finding No: MS707

Thomson, James C. B. (fl 1975-), YMCA worker: Finding No: YMCA/ACC19

Thomson, Thomas (fl 1905-06), engineer: notes of a journey to Peru with photographs, 1905-06. Finding No: MS670

Thorn, John (fl 1933-62): sketches, 1933-62. Finding No: MS767

Thorpe, (David) Richard (b 1943), biographer of Sir Anthony Eden: papers, 1992-2006. Finding No: MS166

Thrupp family of Shrawley, Worcestershire: family and business accounts, 1859-73. Finding No: MS317

Tierney, Miss A. M. (fl 1855-56) of Malvern Wells, Worcestershire: journal kept during stay with her family in Bonn, 1855-56. Finding No: MS535

Till, Emily: scrapbook album including pen and ink sketches of elves and fairies, butterflies, fish and birds, [mid-19th century]. Finding No: MS906

Tipton, David (b 1934), poet and author: literary manuscripts and papers, 1950s-2000s. Finding No: DT

Tod, Marcus Niebuhr (1878-1974), ancient historian and epigraphist:
notes, c 1920. Finding No: MS698;
annotated books, 1897-1905. Finding No: MS750

Tomkinson, Michael (1841-1921): albums of photographs of buildings and scenery in England, Scotland, continental Europe and North America, 1880-85. Finding No: MS830

Torrie, Jane Catherine (b c 1880): diary, 1894-95. Finding No: MS786

Townsend, Henry (1815-1886), CMS missionary: papers, 1836-71. Finding No: CMS/ACC31

Tristram, Katherine Alice Salvin (1859-1948), CMS missionary: papers, 1887-1948. Finding No: CMS/ACC104

Trollope, Constance (d 1954), author and organising secretary of the Korean Mission: papers relating to the biography of her brother, Mark Napier Trollope, 1879-1950. Finding No: DA60

Trumbull, Elizabeth (fl 1684): commonplace book, c 1684. Finding No: MS555

Tucker, John (fl 1813-73), CMS missionary:
papers as CMS secretary of the Madras Corresponding Committee, 1833-47. Finding No: CMS/ACC91;
correspondence and papers relating to the connection between CMS and the Syrian Church in Travancore, 1835-48. Finding No: CMS/ACC429

Tucker, Josiah, (1712-1799), Dean of Gloucester, economist and controversialist: sermon, 1779. Finding No: MS513

Tugwell, Herbert (d 1936), Bishop of West Equatorial Africa: correspondence and papers, including those of his wife, Caroline, 1887-1937. Finding No: DA44

Tupper, Reginald Hibbert (1893-1972): letters, 1915-16. Finding No: MS178

Turner, Baptist Noel (1739-1826), clergyman: poems and other works, c 1770-1820. Finding No: MS741

Turner, Harold W. (1911-2002), missionary scholar: collection of printed and published materials relating to his research on New Religious Movements in Primal Societies, principally 20th century. Finding No: HT

Turner, Thomas (1645-1714), clergyman, President of Corpus Christi College Oxford: copies of sermons, c 1700. Finding No: MS384

Twigg, Anne Maria (fl 1844-1865) of Birmingham: travel diary of a holiday to Paris and Normandy, 1865. Finding No: MS814