Applying for copies

Copies are made at our discretion and requests are subject to copyright, conservation restrictions and any other conditions applying to the items you wish to copy.

Our target is to complete orders for private study within 15 working days although most orders are completed within 10 working days. Requests for publication may take longer than our 15 working day target. You will be sent an invoice setting out payment details once your copies have been made. When you have paid, your copies will be sent to you.

To submit a reprographics request for copies for your own use or private study, please return a signed and completed three page reprographics order form for private study (PDF - 265KB). If you wish to publish an image, or use an image for any reason other than just for private study, please complete a reprographics order form for publication (PDF - 179KB). The forms can't be filled in online, but electronic signatures are acceptable.

Charges for copies for personal use and private study are given below. Publication charges are set on a case by case basis. Please complete the publication order form above and once your request has been reviewed by senior staff, we will let you know the cost of your order.

Charges for private study copies

All orders will incur an additional £8 handling fee.

Digital copies provided as a PDF or Jpg: £1 per page/image

Requested PDF or Jpg image printed out on paper: an additional 30p per page

Requested PDF or Jpg images sent by: CD - £1, or DVD - £3

Large orders (totalling £50 or more) will have to pay a £25 deposit (+VAT if applicable) before the reprographics work is started. When you submit your reprographics form we will let you know how this deposit payment can be made. This money will be taken off your final bill once the work has been completed. Smaller orders costing less than £50 will not have to pay a deposit, and you will only be sent an invoice requesting payment once the copies have been made.

VAT: All students and overseas postal orders received from countries outside the EU are exempt from paying VAT. If you are an institution within the EU and you are a 'VAT registered body in the EU', please state this on your reprographics form. 

If you cancel your order after our reprographics team have begun to process it, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. 

Payment for all reprographics charges

Once your order has been completed we will send you an invoice requesting payment. This will give details of how payment can be made (by cash or cheque, or debit/credit card using our online payment system). Your requested copies will be dispatched on receipt of payment.

Policy on use of readers' cameras

Visiting researchers are welcome to bring their own hand held digital cameras if they can be used without flash. Tripods are not permitted. Please be aware that some items may not be suitable for copying due to a variety of factors, including their physical condition and copyright legislation. There is no charge for taking images with your own camera.


The use of hand held scanners is not permitted.


If you would like to publish any of our materials (including images on our website), please complete our reprographics form for publication (PDF - 88KB). We consider all requests and a publication fee will be charged on an individual basis.

Acknowledging our images

Acknowledgement for the use of images should be made to 'Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections, University of Birmingham', and the full reference of the document(s) should be given.