CEPLER Professional Development

CEPLER Professional Development (CPD) recognises and rewards students’ commitment to enhancing their experience, skills and confidence through activity beyond their studies.

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CEPLER allocates CPD points to each activity across our extensive extra-curricular provision, which includes: careers events, work experience placements, mooting and debating, and pro bono participation.

Who is the Scheme for?

All undergraduate students are registered to take part in CPD and their progress is automatically recorded once they sign in to events and activities where required.

How is CPD activity valued?

Activities are given CPD values that reflect the commitment and responsibility required of participants. For example:

  • a non-curricular careers lecture attracts a nominal CPD value;
  • and an interactive careers workshop, a slightly higher value;
  • whilst the commitment demonstrated by a FLAG Coordinator, is given a high points value in recognition of the time and responsibility required.

Tracking CPD Progress

Students can view their CPD records on Canvas, the University’s virtual learning environment, where they are updated on a monthly basis. These reports can supplement CVs and support applications for employment or work experience.

How is the Scheme recognised?

CPD progress is cumulative throughout the life of the degree and a CPD certificate is awarded upon graduation. Outstanding CPD performance is recognised through Bronze, Silver and Gold level certificates and there is a special CEPLER Award for the student who achieves the most points. The CPD certificate or award provides prospective employers with an accurate reflection of the skills, experience and professionalism students have gained through their commitment to extra-curricular activity.

In addition, a CPD award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level can contribute to a Personal Skills Award (PSA), the University’s celebrated cross-campus employability scheme.

CPD and the Personal Skills Awards (PSA)

The Personal Skills Award is the University-wide employability programme that helps students develop, recognise and articulate professional skills and demonstrate their proactive commitment.

The CPD scheme is compatible with PSA and our Bronze, Silver and Gold awards have PSA point values that can contribute to any of the three levels of PSA award.

CPD Awards

Students who exceed the levels required to achieve an award will receive an award certificate on graduating, and their achievement will also be recorded on their extended degree transcript. The highest score for the graduating year receives a special award sponsored by one of our professional partners.