X-Ray Diffraction

The School of Chemistry has facilities for both single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction analysis. 

XRDSingle crystal X-ray diffraction

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art Agilent Technologies SuperNova single crystal X-ray diffractometer with dual wavelength microfocus X-ray sources (Mo and Cu) and an Atlas detector. The system is complemented by an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream such that we are able to collect data at temperatures as low as 80 K. We are able to perform structural characterisation on a wide range of samples, including those with larger unit cells and materials that produce smaller, more weakly diffracting crystals.

Services we can offer

Single Crystal XRD: Data collection and structure determination


To discuss how we may be able to assist you please contact

Dr. Louise Male

Tel: 0121 414 7481
Email: l.male@bham.ac.uk

Powder X-ray diffraction

Powder X-ray diffraction facilities are part of the Science City, Advanced Materials 1 project "Creating and Characterising Next Generation Advanced Materials". We have six powder diffractometers including two Bruker D8 Advance, a Bruker D2 benchtop, Siemens D5000 and D5005 diffractometers and a Panalytical Empyrean. Together these instruments allow rapid, high resolution data to be obtained,


If you would like to discuss training to use our diffractometers or the collection of powder diffraction data, please contact either

Dr. Louise Male

Tel 0121 414 7481
Email: l.male@bham.ac.uk

or Dr Jackie Deans

Tel 0121-415-8731
Email: j.k.deans@bham.ac.uk