HEp-2: Cell Cycle Related Patterns

Below are patterns seen in the S-phase of the HEp2 cells. These patterns resemble PCNA distribution (not typical PCNA) but with unknown clinical significance.

Chromosome coating protein antibody

This pattern has been referred to as PCNA variant and also "Chromosome coating protein antibody". It is related to the cell cycle. 

Unusual rim

This is a cell cycle related nuclear rim (like anti-lamin) with a similar distribution to PCNA.

Unusual peripheral rim

This cell cycle related antibody stains the condensed chromosomal region (keyhole positive). The outer nuclear membrane is negative. Perhaps this is a variation of the pattern seen with peripheral rim.

Atypical PCNA

The granular speckled staining seen in the S-phase is unlike the PCNA.

Cell cycle related cytoplasmic staining

The Cytoplasmic staining seen in the S-phase.