ANA Quiz

Thank you for participating in this quiz. Below are the responses we were expecting.

No.  Images Hints Correct response
HEp2 pattern  1. Mitochondrial antibody
 ANA pattern 2. Multiple nuclear dots 
3 ANA pattern  3. Speckled pattern 
4 ANA pattern 4. Nuclear matrix 
5 Mitotic pattern  5. Midbody (MSA2)
6 Careful, mix pattern! there is a catch here! 6a. Nucleolar
6b. PCNA (cyclin II) - note the dots in the mitotics
7 HEp2 pattern 7. Golgi
8 ANA pattern 8. Homogenous
9 HEp2 pattern 9. Tropomyosin
10 Mix ANA pattern  10a. Nucleolar
10b. Homogenous 

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